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Pikmin: Fallen Dreams

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Olimar, while on the Pikmin Planet on a vacation a few years after Pikmin: Final Destiny, invents a time machine that takes him forward exactly 4,999 years. Unluckily, even though Louie and Sagittarius were taken with him, his ship was not. He couldn't go back in time because a force seemed to be holding him in that time period. Olimar decides to explore the futuristic Pikmin Planet, but what he didn't know was that much of the planet was wasteland.

New Pikmin and Enemies[edit]

New Pikmin[edit]

All the Pikmin from Pikmin: Final Destiny plus the following:

Bomb-rock Pikmin, immune to explosions, can explode at will

Turquoise Pikmin, are immune to water and freeze, reflect freeze, can fly

Silver Pikmin, immune to bright light, take 3/4 damage that a regular Pikmin would

Bronze Pikmin, weaker clone of silver Pikmin

Gold Pikmin, damage enemies with their spikes

Rainbow Pikmin, omniimmune, can't be possessed (except if all captains are possessed)

Legend Pikmin, imagine Link from The Legend of Zelda series turned into a Pikmin

Crystal Pikmin, can't be eaten

New Enemies[edit]

Steaming Dumple


Watery Bulblax

Freezing Blowhog

Purple Wollywog

Red Wollywog

Mega Wollywog


Possessed Captain


Dark Glow Larvae

Dark Glow

And many more!


Fiery Ocean

Snagret Forest Fire

Extremely-Hot Springs

Deadly Volcano

Wilting Field

Hocotatian Desert





Puffstool N