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Pikmin: Elements
This page has something to do with Pikmin: Elements, A game created by Kaplop.

Pikmin: Elements is a Pikmin Fangame made by Kaplop, a user on Pikmin Fanon. It introduces new Pikmin types, as well as handfuls of other new features. It takes place after all the other Pikmin games.


One day, Olimar is at home with his Family. All of a sudden, he gets a call from the President. He rushes over to his office, where he learns that Louie was left on the Pikmin Planet, and the President wants Olimar to go find him. He says that he bought back the S.S. Dolphin since the Hocotate Ship was destroyed. Olimar says a quick goodbye to his family, and hops in the S.S Dolphin. He learns that it was remodeled with the Old Ship's AI (Which remembers Olimar, which is bad, since the ship is still mad at Olimar) and another cockpit for Louie. Olimar turns on the autopilot and puts in coordinates for the Pikmin Planet, and it blasts off of Hocotate's surface, and into space.

Pikmin Types[edit]

There are many types of Pikmin in Pikmin: Elements, and they each have special abilities and features.

Returning Pikmin[edit]

Red Pikmin - These Pikmin are red, immune to fire (Not lava, though) and have noses, increasing their damage in battle. When at a fire geyser, they can set their stem on fire and carry it around, allowing them to set things on fire and increase their damage further. Their onion is found in the Fond Forest.

Yellow Pikmin

Blue Pikmin

Purple Pikmin

White Pikmin

Rock Pikmin

Winged Pikmin


New Pikmin[edit]

Burgundy Pikmin

Dark Pikmin

Green Pikmin

Magnet Pikmin

Mud Pikmin

Elemental Pikmin


Unlike other Pikmin games, there is no day system, and instead of using the ship to fly to areas each day, you can walk from one area to another. Upon collecting enough ship parts, you can automatically fly to different areas without having to walk all the way. Upon entering a area, the S.S. Dolphin will land right by you.

Fond Forest[edit]

The Bubbling Brook[edit]

Mountain of Stones[edit]

Treetop Trails[edit]

The Gate[edit]


In Pikmin: Elements, upon finding 4 characters, you can swap out your 3 captains by going to the ship and pressing A.

Captain Olimar[edit]

Captain Olimar is the one that originally discovered the Pikmin, and is back to rescue/find his sidekick, Louie. He is the starting character. When using him, Pikmin deal more damage, and move faster when issuing orders and charging objects.


One of the 3 Koppai explorers, Alph was sent with the other 2 to go find fruit AGAIN after Koppai sent them to go find more fruit when the inhabitants got greedy. he can be found in the Bubbling Brook after defeating King Bulb. When using him, all the captains move faster, and so do the Pikmin.


Also being sent by Koppai to find more fruit, Brittany can be found in the Cave of Flames, stuck in mud. You can use Mud Pikmin to free her. When using her, you can throw Pikmin faster.

Captain Charlie[edit]

The captain of the Koppai crew, Captain Charlie is the last Character found. He can be found in The Mountain of Stones, stuck in a web. You can use Winged Pikmin to free him. Pikmin in his party can carry a weight of 2, and Purple Pikmin can carry 15.


Link: Pikmin: Elements/Piklopedia

The Piklopedia in Pikmin: Elements has records of each ship part, treasure, and fruit. it does not have any sales pitches or notes, though.