Pikmin: Creature Planet

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Pikmin: Creature Planet
Rating E10+
Genre Adventure, Action, RPG, Open-World, Sandbox
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Media  ???
Publisher Nintendo
Release Dates North America: October 27, 2017

Europe: Unknown
Japan: Unknown

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Creator DharakJoo
Collaborator(s)  ???

Pikmin: Creature Planet is the open-world fanon game released on October 27, 2017 on Nintendo 3DS.


Story Mode[edit]

This will be the huge adventure where all creatures lives in the progress. There will be 28 Chapters where the Sectors is.

Sandbox Mode[edit]

You can play the Sandbox Mode after completing Chapter 1.

Creature Creator Mode[edit]

You can create your own creatures and add them to the planet.

Day/Night Cycle[edit]


Prologue: The Planet[edit]

Chapter 1: Bulborb's Mass Attack[edit]

  • Advice Porter - "These Red Bulborbs are seem to be quite well, but Empress Bulblax gave birth the Bulborb Larvaes. In the nighttime, she was attacked by the carnivorious Berserker Kyerok as the Red Bulborbs defending her from Kyerok. However, many Red Bulborbs have almost been wiped out only soon Emperor Bulblax arrives in the scene and attack Kyerok. Unfortunately, the Emperor Bulblax was consumed by Kyerok since it has powerful features... a huge mouth! Many Red Bulborbs retreats in fear from the Berserk Kyerok after killing both Bulblaxes. The Red Bulborbs have lost their home and parents, they search to the another place in order prevent Kyerok from attacking their new home. In order to survive this, the Red Bulborbs adapts from dangerous environment in order to defeat the monstrous Kyerok."

Chapter 2: Danger to Extinction[edit]

  • Advice Porter - "The Berserker Kyerok annihilates the Bulborbs, only few survived Bulborbs fled in terror. The Bulborbs facing the extinction due to Kyerok annihilating the Bulborb populations."


  • Advice Porter: The A.I. flying robot that allows to examines the creatures.


  1. Berserker Kyerok (Chapter 1) - The crystallized lizard who consumes the Bulblaxes. It could found in the Crystalbed area.


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The creatures from the previous Pikmin games reappears.