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Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds/Sandbox

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Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, which was created by PikFan23, a user on this wiki. Nuvola warning.png

This is a sandbox page for Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds. IMPORTANT: Any content that is here is not the official content! This is just a testing page! The official content can be found here!

Pikmin types[edit]

  • Red Pikmin: Slightly stronger than other Pikmin and resistant to fire.
  • Yellow Pikmin: Thrown higher than other types and can conduct electricity.
  • Blue Pikmin: Resistant to water and can save drowning Pikmin.
  • White Pikmin: The fastest of all types, able to see completely buried objects, resistant to poison, and poisons enemies when eaten.
  • Purple Pikmin: Has the strength of 10 Pikmin, and homes in on enemies, but are the slowest.
  • Green Pikmin: Resistant to acid attacks and able to neutralize acidic puddles.
  • Cyan Pikmin: Resistant to snow and ice attacks.
  • Brown Pikmin: Resistant to sand/dirt attacks and can dig tunnels.
Pikmin type Location found Order found Resistance Speed Attack strength Throw Other abilities
Red Pikmin Whispering Grove 1st Fire Average Above average Average None
Yellow Pikmin Melodic Meadow To be determined Electricity Average Average High Can connect with other Yellow Pikmin to complete Electrodes
Blue Pikmin Cove of Tranquility To be determined Water Average
(above average underwater)
Average Average Able to save drowning Pikmin
White Pikmin Rugged Tundra To be determined Poison Fast Average Average Poisons enemies when eaten
Purple Pikmin Ancient Valley To be determined Brute force; wind Slow Strong Below average Stuns enemies; homes in on enemies when thrown; carrying strength of ten Pikmin
Green Pikmin Sweltering Wilds To be determined Acid Average Average Average Able to neutralize acidic bodies of water
Cyan Pikmin Bitterfrost Woods To be determined Snow/ice Average Average Average Able to melt snow and ice with their body heat in large groups
Brown Pikmin Torrid Desert To be determined Dirt/soil Average Average Average Able to dig tunnels


Whispering Grove[edit]

A small, calm and peaceful forest with a river running through it. Caves:

To be determined

Melodic Meadow[edit]

A wide open field with vast grasses and rolling hills. Caves:

To be determined

Rugged Tundra[edit]

A snowy landscape consisting of a mountain, field and river. Caves:

  • Icy Labyrinth
  • Icicle Abyss
  • Frigid Depths

Cove of Tranquility[edit]

A small bay with a wide open beach, as well as rock formations and even sea caves. Caves:

To be determined

Sweltering Wilds[edit]

A hot and steamy jungle with a swamp in the middle. Caves:

To be determined

Torrid Desert[edit]

A vast, barren desert with three oases and a mountain range to the north. Caves:

  • Grainy Realm
  • Subterranean Lake
  • Mountainous Ravine

Ancient Valley[edit]

An old river valley surrounded by many mountains, containing many rocky formations. Caves:

To be determined

Bitterfrost Woods[edit]

A cold forest with near-perpetual snows and ice. Caves:

To be determined