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Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo

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Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Adventure
Platform(s) Wii
Media ...
Publisher ...
Release Dates Never
Creator User: Darko191


Olimar and Louie came back from their mission, and Olimar tells all the people of Hocotate of his mission with Pikmin. But, two zookeepers heard him too, and the Pikmin will be great in the zoo! They spring in their rocket, and fly to the Planet of the Pikmin. After Olimar sees this, he goes to Louie, jumps in their rocket, and flies after the zookeepers. On the planet, a Bulborb eats their ship. Now there are two big problems! It spat most of the ship out, and all over the planet! But, it held the skeleton of the rocket, and transformed into a Mecha Bulborb.

Now, they must stop the zookeepers, and find the parts of the rocket. But, with much luck, they found a Red Onion! Now, the adventure has begun...



1. The Impact Side

2. The Forest of Hope

3. The Triangle Mountain

4. The Tree Desert

5. Tropical Island

6. The Distant Spring

7. The Forest Navel

8. The Flying Swamp

9. The Machine Forest

To be added To


Adventure mode: the Adventure

2-Player battle: 2-Player, Battle to make so many Pikmin as possible.

3- Player battle: 3-Players: Olimar, Louie, The president, try to make so many Pikmin as possible.

2-Player Adventure: the Adventure, whit 2 players.

Pikmin Mode: Try to make so many Pikmin as possible!

Creature mode: Begin as an egg, then a Larva, and then a Adult and try to survive so long as possible!

Zoo keeper mode: Be a Zoo keeper and try to catch so many creatures as possible, but don't die!



Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo enemies

Zoo keeper enemies:[edit]


Zoo keeper enemies