Pikmin 3: the War of the Pikmin Planet/Piklotopia

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Smokey Bulborb.jpg This means War!
This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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Piklotopia serves as the Piklopedia of Pikmin 3: the War of the Pikmin Planet. It is in the style of a zoo.

List of Exhibits[edit]


Image Name Scientific Name
Red Bulborb.jpg Red Bulborb Oculus kageyamii russus
YellowBulborb.jpg Yellow Bulborb Oculus kageyamii flavus
Blue Bulborb.jpg Blue Bulborb Oculus kageyamii puteulanus
Hairy Bulborb.jpg Hairy Bulborb Oculus kageyamii folliculus
N/A Stone Bulborb Oculus kageyamii sedimenta
Fierybulbax.jpg Fiery Bulblax Oculus vulcanus
Water Dumple.jpg Water Dumple Itchthyosa felinis
Larvae.jpg Bulborb Larva Oculus bambinii
70empressbulblax.png Empress Bulblax Oculus matriarcha
14.jpg Emperor Bulblax Oculus supremus