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The Pikira is a new system created by ThePikminMeister. It will be able to support pikmin fan games for a while. The Pikira comes in three different colors: red, yellow, and blue.


The Pikira looks kind of like a Nintendo 64, but it uses a wii remote as it's controller. Instead of placing cartridges inside of it, there is a small, narrow long tube, which you place game discs inside of.


  • Release Date: December 27th, 2013
  • Discontinuation Date: April 8th, 2015

Games for the Pikira[edit]

Feel free to add your new game if it will be for the Pikira.


Purple and White Exclusive Colors include pikmin-related stickers that you can use to decorate your Pikira, or anything else. It also comes with a game, Pikmin: The Return of the Puffmin. These exclusive Pikiras will be released on January 14th, 2014.