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Pikimon Evolutions

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Grub-dog Evolution Chart[edit]

Bulborb Larva -Lv. 25> Red Bulborb -Fire Stone> Fiery Bulblax

Bulborb Larva -Lv. 25> Red Bulborb (Male) -Lv. 50> Emperor Bulblax

Bulborb Larva -Lv. 25> Red Bulborb (Female) -Lv. 50> Empress Bulblax

Bulborb Larva -Light Stone> Hairy Bulborb

Bulborb Larva -Deep Stone> Orange Bulborb

Dwarf Bulbear -Lv. 25> Spotty Bulbear

Water Dumple Doesn't Evolve

Pikmin Evolution Chart[edit]

Bulbmin Doesn't Evolve

Breadbug Evolution Chart[edit]

Breadbug -Lv. 30> Giant Breadbug

Breadbug -Red Stone> Dwarf Red Bulborb

Breadbug -Light Stone> Snow Bulborb

Breadbug -Deep Stone> Dwarf Orange Bulborb

Blowhog Evolution Chart[edit]

Fiery Blowhog Doesn't Evolve

Watery Blowhog Doesn't Evolve

Puffy Blowhog Doesn't Evolve

Withering Blowhog Doesn't Evolve

Dweevil Evolution Chart[edit]

Fiery Dweevil -Lv. 60> Titan Dweevil

Anode Dweevil -Lv. 60> Titan Dweevil

Caustic Dweevil -Lv. 60> Titan Dweevil

Munge Dweevil -Lv. 60> Titan Dweevil

Volatile Dweevil Doesn't Evolve

Arachnorb Evolution Chart[edit]

Beady Long Legs -Lv. 50> Raging Long Legs

Beady Long Legs -Metal Stone> Man-at-Legs

Snavian Evolution Chart[edit]

Burrowing Snagret -Lv. 50> Pileated Snagret

Lithopod Evolution Chart[edit]

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva -Lv. 50> Armored Cannon Beetle

Decorated Cannon Beetle Doesn't Evolve

Creep-crab Evolution Chart[edit]

Segmented Crawbster Doesn't Evolve

Crawmad Evolution Chart[edit]

Hermit Crawmad Doesn't Evolve

Mandiblard Evolution Chart[edit]

Male Sheargrub -Lv. 25> Shearwig

Female Sheargrub Doesn't Evolve

Flint Bug Evolution Chart[edit]

Iridescent Flint Beetle -Stink Stone> Doodlebug

Iridescent Flint Beetle - Jewel Stone> Iridescent Glint Beetle

Burrow-nit Evolution Chart[edit]

Cloaking Burrow-nit Doesn't Evolve

Whiskerpillar Evolution Chart[edit]

Ravenous Whiskerpillar Doesn't Evolve

Skitterling Evolution Chart[edit]

Skitter Leaf Doesn't Evolve

Dirigibug Evolution Chart[edit]

Careening Dirigibug Doesn't Evolve

Scarparind Evolution Chart[edit]

Swooping Snitchbug -Lv. 35> Bumbling Snitchbug

Kettlebug Evolution Chart[edit]

Antenna Beetle Doesn't Evolve

Scarab Beetle Evolution Chart[edit]

Anode Beetle Doesn't Evolve

Jellyfloat Evolution Chart[edit]

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat -Lv. 40> Greater Spotted Jellyfloat

Mollusking Evolution Chart[edit]

Toady Bloyster -Lv. 50> Ranging Bloyster

Amphituber Evolution Chart[edit]

Wogpole -Light Stone> Yellow Wollywog

Wogpole -Deep Stone> Wollywog

Chrysanthemum Evolution Chart[edit]

Creeping Chrysanthemum Doesn't Evolve

Flitterbie Evolution Chart[edit]

Unmarked Spectralids Doesn't Evolve

Honeywisp Evolution Chart[edit]

Honeywisp Doesn't Evolve

Unknown Family Evolution Chart[edit]

Mitite Doesn't Evolve

Gatling Groink Doesn't Evolve

Pearly Clamclamp Doesn't Evolve

Mamuta -Lv. 50> Smoky Progg

Goolix -Lv. 50> Waterwraith

Puffstool Doesn't Evolve