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This page will guide you in the creation of spray types for Pikifen.


Whenever a leader uses a spray, they spray a bunch of particles in a given direction, and certain mobs, dictated by the rules of the spray, will befall under some status effect. A status effect can make them faster (like an ultra-spicy spray), or make them stop on their tracks (like an ultra-bitter spray). Before creating sprays, you must have some status effect definitions. If you don't, please read the status effects guide for information on how to create some.

Spray definitions can be found on Game_data/Misc/Sprays.txt. In this text file, each block defines a spray, and the block's name is the spray's name.


Every spray block has these properties:

  • effects: List of status effects inflicted on the targets of the spray. This list is separated by semicolon (;), and can have just one status effect.
  • group: If true, the spray affects all Pikmin of the leader's group, regardless of distance. If false, the objects that are affected are those within a given angle and distance reach. For instance, for an ultra-bitter spray, all affected objects are the enemies in front of the leader, within a medium distance.
  • angle: Angle to spray it at, relative to the leader's angle, in degrees. In other words, 0 means the leader sprays this forward, while 180 (half a circle) means they will spray it behind them.
  • distance_range: How far the spray reaches in distance, in pixels. This is used to calculate what mobs are affected, and how far the spray particles reach.
  • angle_range: How far the spray reaches in angle, in degrees. If a spray is only meant to hit directly in front of the leader, this should be very small, but if it's meant to also hit half a circle in front of the leader, it can be 180.
  • color: Color of the spray's particles, in the format r g b or r g b a.
  • icon: Name of the image used for its icon on the HUD. This file must be in Game_data/Graphics, and the property must include the extension (e.g. Ultra-bitter_spray.png).
  • buries_pikmin: If true, any Pikmin that touch this spray will become sprouts.