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This page most likely has something to do with PikRPG, a RPG game made by Poplely.

Here is a list of all enemies in PikRPG, created by Poplely. * means the enemy is a boss. ** means the enemy is a boss, but is a normal enemy in another area.

List of Enemies[edit]

Dwarf Red Bulborb

Description: Hardly a threat. Not even a real Bulborb.

Stats: HP:15 ATK:3 DEF:2 SPD:1

**Red Bulborb

Description: A normal Bulborb.

Stats: HP:50 ATK:6 DEF:3 SPD:3

Skills: Superbite (Does a lot of damage)


Description: Guards the hallways of the Pikmin Prison.

Stats: HP:20 ATK:4 DEF:3 SPD:2

Skills: Call (Summons another Guardborb)

Dwarf Orange Bulborb

Description: Weak, but speedy.

Stats: HP:20 ATK:3 DEF:2 SPD:5

Skills: Run (Runs away)

*Giant Bulborb

Description: The guardian of King Bulborb.

Stats: HP:100 ATK:8 DEF:5 SPD:4

Skills: Superbite (Does a lot of damage) Crush (Flattens it's target, victim inactive for one turn)

*King Bulborb

Description: The ruler of Bulborb Town.

Stats: HP:100 ATK:9 DEF:6 SPD:5

Skills: Sword Stab (Does a lot of damage) Call (Summons 2 Guardborbs)