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A list of all types of armor in PikRPG, a RPG game created by Poplely. All types of armor are equippable by all types of Pikmin.

List of Armor[edit]

Leaf Hat

Description:A poorly made hat of leaves.

Effects:+1 DEF

Sold by the Alley Pikmin in Bulborb Town.

Bulborb Hat

Description:A hat fashioned out of Bulborb hide.

Effects:+3 DEF

20% drop chance from any kind of Bulborb.

Guard Hat

Description:Worn by Guardborbs.

Effects:+5 DEF

20% drop chance from Guardborbs, found in the Pikmin Prison and Bulborb Castle.

Bulborb Crown

Description:Taken from King Bulborb.

Effects:+1 DEF

100% drop chance from King Bulborb.