Petrified Arbor

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Petrified Arbor
Location Volcanic Wastes
Sublevels 5
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Hazards Fire, Poison

Petrified Arbor is the first cave in Volcanic Wastes. It takes place inside of a burnt tree, and has many fire-related enemies. White Pikmin are encountered in this cave.

What makes it unique from other caves is that you go up the tree, fighting the enormous Snitchbug Queen at the arena on the top of the tree.

White Flowers![edit]

This is a pretty easy cave, being the second you'll probably go to in the game.

Sublevel 1[edit]

The layout is simple, a few circle-shaped rooms connected by tunnels. Keep your eyes peeled for the Shearwigs that emerge from underneath the burnt foliage, they're not that dangerous but can surprise you if you're not careful! The treasure is slightly buried within the ground, which your Pikmin can easily dig out. When you're done, use the geyser to go upwards to the next sublevel.


Sublevel 2[edit]

A slightly harder sublevel, the layout consists of two large rooms connected by tunnels. Enemies such as Fiery Blowhogs lurk within the dead plants, attacking when you walk nearby. Two Swooping Snitchbugs also fly around here, snatching up Pikmin and replanting them. One of the Snitchbugs contains a treasure, the other treasure is located in an alcove. Be warned that Dwarf Red Bulborbs will fall from the ceiling here, which can be a pain if your Pikmin are carrying something.


Sublevel 3[edit]

This is the easiest sublevel, as it contains no enemies, nothing but two Ivory Candypop Buds to obtain White Pikmin with. As you approach the geyser, your new White Pikmin will find a buried treasure and dig it out.

Sublevel 4[edit]

This mazelike sublevel contains a new hazard; poison gas! Only White Pikmin can destroy the gas pipes, all others will choke and suffocate when they touch it. Some enemies also wield poison as a weapon, so be careful. Just get the three treasures and go to the last sublevel.


Sublevel 5[edit]

This is the final sublevel. At the top of the tree, you start on a ledge that leads to a large arena. Walk in, and you'll hear a plane fly towards you...that's not a plane, it's the Snitchbug Queen! After defeating it, you get the Loot Detector.