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Peril Cliff

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Peril cliff is a very important part of Pikmin the huge debt. This Is the area where the Giga Bulborb ate the Ship. It is at the edge of a cliff that that has an abyss on the other side. It is very windy at times which could be a hazard. A very interesting easter egg here is when you fall into the abyss. Just before the ship saves you, you see Mario hanging on a ledge. One interesting thing about this area is when the ship is eaten, the area near the abyss is sealed off with boulders, due to the fact that the ship can't save you if you fall while its in the belly of a beast.


Purple Pikmin


The Den

Crabby Cave

Money Ravine

Flattening Cavern

Mechanical Ruins

Hungry Farm

Castle of Craters

In The Beast


Boss-Giga Bulborb

Red Bulborb

Boss-Purple Bulborb

Spotty Bulbear

Dwarf Bulbear