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Peach Bulborb
Scientific Name Oculus kageyamii obesa
Family Grub-dog
Carry Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Seed Worth 20 seeds
Value 20 Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin, crushes Pikmin

The Peach Bulborb is a newly discovered species of Bulborb. It is a very fat Bulborb with a pinkish coloration and red eyes. It slowly lumbers torwards your Pikmin when it catches sight of them. If they're not in its range it will simply wander around. It can eat up to six Pikmin at a time, but it takes about 3 seconds for it to chew and swallow. When it is walking, any Pikmin too close will be crushed by its feet and massive weight. Peach Bulborbs sometimes eat the corpses of dead creatures and pellets to replenish lost health. Usually, when reduced to half of its health, it will attempt to flee the battle to find the nearest food source.

In DP and its Sequel[edit]

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Peach Bulborbs appear in Pikmin: Distant Planet and Pikmin: Mysterious Raiders. They are at Perilous Wild (MR) and they travel in crossings. There is twenty moving along the side of the river and they all will not stand to have Pikmin nearby. Sometimes they will stop and drink the water, so thats your chance to attack.


Olimar's notes This is a rare species of bulborb, with increased levels of gluttony (if that is even possible) and slightly less powerful mandibles. It has a massive weight, and is often found near a water source. It is one of the few bulborbs that isn't nocturnal, and it does not seem to establish a certain territory range that it will not exit, although it seems to display a dislike for pikmin. It does not display spots, but instead has a pinkish hide.

Louie's notes This is more fat than meat, but it compacts well with seasoning to make bulborb sausages. Also, the fat can be used for cushioning other kinds of meat during boiling or freezing.

president's notes this beast is a waste of money because of how much it eats.

sagittarius notes this creature will eat table scraps and anything else and best of all it won't get have digestion problems thanks to it strong stomach's like a living trash can.

libras notes this beast dull peach color and body fat make any on wereing its hide look like a suntanned whale.Don't wear this unless you want to have harpoons thrown at you

Pikmin X: Deep Freeze[edit]

The Peach Bulborb as it appears in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze.

Peach Bulborbs in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze appear in the Woods of Occlusion; their thick fat is an adaptation to survive in the cold climate of the region. Like in previous games, they appear in groups that follow the paths of the area's rivers. They are voracious and are still able to walk over Pikmin to kill them, but are also very slow and will not chase very far if their targets run away. Like other Bulborbs, they can be stunned briefly by throwing Pikmin at their eyes. When shaking off Pikmin, they are scattered pretty far, so quickly call them back before the Bulborb is able to squash them.