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Parasitic Pikmin

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Blue Pikmin completely ignore the bulbmin attacking a Dwarf Red Bulborb and their onion flying in the background...
Green Pikmin models.
Green Pikmin and Bulbmin comparison.

In Pikmin Choronicles, there are two types of parasitic Pikmin.


These Pikmin are actually seen in Pikmin 2, but are inside the body of a Bulborb. In Pikmin Choronicles, this type of Pikmin is a bright orange colour, has hair-like roots and claws, slightly bloodshot eyes with pink irises and are very aggresive. They live in bright orange onions, which may appear on certain levels at random and do one of two things...

  • They will land on the ground and release Bulbmin to attack the Captains. Since thay share the same plant/animal heritage of the Pikmin, they will not attack the Pikmin, and the Pikmin will not help you in killing them. The Captains will have to shake them off and then punch them until they die, or lead them into a hazard if they are attacking you. They will activley avoid the hazard on the maps they are found if they are not attacking you, however.
  • The Onion will release seeds, which will take up space on your Pikmin counter. They will attack you if you pluck them out of the ground, but you will not be able to have 100 pikmin on the feild of they are buried, so it is recomended you take care of them.

When the onions land on the ground, they can be attacked. If they are attacked repeatedly, they will drop an item and continue flying for a while before landing again in a different location.

Green Pikmin[edit]

This Pikmin is or has been a Featured Pikmin. For the current Featured Pikmin, see the Main Page.

Green Pikmin are actually the result of Bulbmin being exposed to the radiation which will be seen later in the story. They will shrink down to about half their original size, making them the smallest of all known Pikmin, turn a strange shade of green, and their roots will become longer and they will become quicker.Their eyes will also become yellow and pupiless. These type of pikmin are especially dangerous in the sense that their small size allows them to control other pikmin! Fortunatley, these pikmin pose as threats to other pikmin, and are therefore not veiwed as pikmin by them, so they will aid you in defeating them. Green Pikmin are sometimes refered to as "Dwarf Bulbmin".

Pikmin: Advanced Online[edit]

Betta.jpg PAO
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Advanced Online, created by Bulbminlead101.

Parasitic Pikmin
Resistance  ???
Attack  ???
Mobility  ???
Throw  ???
Carrying capacity  ???
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Parasitic Pikmin are the Pikmin species that live in Bulbmin. Their Onion is found Snowtop River Palace in Pikmin: Advanced Online.