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Overlady Bulblax

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This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikoblitz, which was created by DaGamesta, a user on this wiki.
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This creature is a spotlighted boss in the fanon game Pikoblitz. Actually, it is the reason you go back to the Pikmin Planet, also collecting treasure on the way to find it. What is the Overlady Bulblax? At first, on planet Hocotate, it looks like a Dwarf Bulbear, but its appearance changes quite dramatically on the Pikmin Planet. It is what you are to locate in each area in Pikoblitz Challenge Mode and is the final boss in the game.



  • None




On Hocotate, it looks like a Dwarf Bulbear with gray spots instead of red. However, on the Pikmin Planet, as it matures, it takes an unhealthy interest in overeating. In the Conquest Cavern's final sublevel, it is twice the size of an Empress Bulblax. It is not pregnant with hundreds of Bulborb Larva, but is massively obese, like the Sausageborb in the Bulblax Bath, yet much larger in girth.


It rolls around like a normal Empress Bulblax, will make boulders fall when it hits the wall, and it can actually eat Pikmin, about five at a time. However, it has an even deadlier attack, if you are to consider it an attack. The Overlady Bulblax's sides are where you should avoid. By some genetic uniqueness or evolution, the skin flaps on its sides will suck in your Pikmin, leading them directly to its digestive system, killing them instantly. They will suck in a Pikmin who was thrown in the wrong direction after a second or two. The beast's skin flaps have no limit to the amount of Pikmin they can suck in.

How to Kill[edit]

Killing this beast is no piece of cake. It has over twice the heath of a normal Empress Bulblax. Plus, you need to aim at the upper lip or forehead of this boss, for it can eat pikmin. Don't think of using Ultra-Bitter Spray, for that would make it almost invincible for a few moments. Purple Pikmin are suggested in this fight.

Other Information[edit]

After you defeat it, surprise! You did NOT kill it! It instead sheds its skin out of a medical mystery and lays on its back, as small as it was on Hocotate. You now can carry it back, plus its remains, and it will be treated as a treasure, as you will sell it back to the Hocotate Zoo.

  • Queen of Trouble (Overlady Bulblax) 100 Pokos (5 Pikmin)
  • Remains: 50 Pokos (30 Pikmin minimum; 80 Pikmin maximum)

Created By DaGamesta 2012 (Signed up 2011)