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Orange Pikmin (spiky)

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This variant of Orange Pikmin has spikes on it that usually defer consumption.

Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo

The orange pikmin is resistance to Spikes, and spiked plants. They have spikes on their hat. They are the 3rd pikmin you can find.


In Pikmin: Lair Of The Umbrax Dweevil, Orange Pikmin are the parasitic pikmin that make Bulbmin. They have extendable spikes so they can stick onto stuff. You need the Anti-Bulbmin Whistle to get them out of a Bulbmin without it having to die first.

Pikmin Chronicles

Orange Pikmin
Spore 2010-06-08 11-07-46.png
Resistance eating
Attack above average
Digging Speed Average
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop None

Orange Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that are said to appear in Pikmin Choronicles. They resemble Red Pikmin, but are orange, have four large spikes on thir faces, and several smaller spikes running down their back, which meet at a tail-like spike.


Orange Pikmin are immune to being eaten. If swallowed, the enmey recieves minimal damage and the Pikmin is regurgitated. Being a subspeices of Red Pikmin, they can coexist with them inside the Red Onion.

Pikmin 15: Thousands of Years Later

Orange Pikmin in P15:ToYL are regular-sized, unedible Pikmin. They have a small black circle as a mouth which functions as a real mouth, unlike Blue Pikmin mouths, which are really gills. Their Onion is found in the Terriblost Maze (Terribly lost, haha) or other Pikmin can be transformed into Oranges through Citrus Candypop Buds. Not only are they unedible, but their powers is equal to a Red Pikmin's. They are the fifth out of ten acquired.

Pikmin: Thorny Demon

Orange Pikmin
It's very spiky!
Attack Same as a Yellow Pikmin
Digging Speed Average
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop None

This kind of Orange Pikmin is spiked. Enemies that try to eat it and other pikmin will take damage and spit it, as well as the others that would have gotten eaten, out, thus, so the other pikmin that would have gotten eaten will live. If an enemy tries to crush it, it will survive, and thus, the enemy will take damage. Pikmin can turn orange and spiked via Garnet Candypop Bud. However, an Orange Pikmin won't count. It has buds/flowers colored similar to that of the Cherry Blossom. It could even pop a Jellyfloat in one hit!

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Phylum Pikosimilis
Family Pikmin
Genus Rubrycavis
Species R. Spikinus