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Onion Seed

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Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, which was created by PikFan23, a user on this wiki. Nuvola warning.png

Onion Seeds are a very special type of seed, as they can grow entire Onions. Various Onion Seeds are scattered throughout the world, you can collect these seeds to grow the Onions. The only place you can grow them is at the Garden. Unfortunately, the Garden is nearly devastated because of the Great Volcano. The three original Onions are found, however. There is no "Bulbmin Onion Seed"; you store Bulbmin in the Ship. Onion Seeds include:

  • Purple Onion Seed
  • White Onion Seed
  • Green Onion Seed
  • Cyan Onion Seed
  • Burgundy Onion Seed
  • Brown Onion Seed
  • Grey Onion Seed
  • Silver Onion Seed
  • Tan Onion Seed

Discovery of Onion Seeds[edit]

To obtain an Onion Seed, one must defeat the boss of one of the more challenging caves in the game and collect the upgrade treasure it held. The player must enter the cave again and face a new boss in place of the other one. Once it is defeated, it will drop the Onion Seed. After the boss is defeated, the bosses will alternate with each visit.

Growing the Onion[edit]

When you collect an Onion Seed, go to the Garden (after its restoration) and a there will be several glowing dots on the ground. A humorous cutscene will unfold then. The Research Pod will go to a dot, then turn upside-down to eject the Seed into that dot. You must then go to the Garden for four more days to allow the Onions to grow; if you go to another area, they will be destroyed, and you will have to get the Onion Seed again. In addition, you can plant multiple Onion Seeds at once.