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Odd Pikmin Seed

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This article or section contains info from the non-canon game Pikmin V, created by En Passant.
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Odd Pikmin Seed
Series Natural Selection
Value TBD pokos
Weight 3
Maximum Carriers 6 Pikmin

The Odd Pikmin Seed is a treasure found in Pikmin V. It is a radish.


Olimar's Notes[edit]

It looks like an oversized Red Pikmin seed, but surely it cannot be. Does it have any relation to the Onion Replica we found the last time we went on a treasure hunt? It doesn't show any signs of maturity even after weeks of tender care, so we may never find the answers.

Sales Pitch[edit]

Only the greenest of thumbs will be able to sprout this strange crop. Prove to your friends that you're the best gardener around, or humiliate yourself trying.