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Scientific Name Octilegged Poicrunch
Family Scarishbite
Areas The forest of beginnings, Emperal shrine, Secret factor

Challenge Mode Levels TBD
Carry Weight 12
Max. Carriers 25 Pikmin
Seed Worth 30 seed
Value 500 Pokos
Attacks Eats pikmin

Octifangs are common minibosses in the Pikmin imagination series. They are know for their 8 legs and poisonous jaws. They also create webs to trap their victims.

Tikes notes

Wow what a huge creature, bigger than the bulborbs for sure. My friend did not tell me about these mysterious beings. Perhaps this is a new species. I must record also that these creatures are quite poisonous. In fact, one bite can kill a beast 10 times their size. No wonder why my pikmin don't last very long when bitten.

Alices Notes

My what greedy beast. After seconds of being kidnaped; this creature striked the bulborbs by sneak attacking, and took me with it. Thank goodness Tike was there, or else I don't know what could of happened to me.

Captain Pikmin Remember to aim for it's sides. It won't be able to reach you that way. Swarming it also works,but watch his movements, they may strike as soon as they shake the pikmin off.