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Night Pikmin

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Night Pikmin
Resistance Tar and Sunset
Attack above average
Mobility above average
Throw average
Carrying capacity 2
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Night Pikmin are the thrid pikmin discovered in Pikmin: Before the Impact they are found underground in Snakey Mists. Night Pikmin can only be created when any other colour of pikmin are thrown in a Dusk Candypop Bud. Night Pikmin are black in colour, have a light green leaf on their head or blue bud or flower and have luminescent green eyes that allows them to see in the dark and in Fog and they can also spread their vision to close freinds, therefore lighting up dark or foggy areas. Their ability to see in the dark also allows them to survive at night and are able to find their way back to the ship easily and can avoid enemies thanks to his black coloration and can be left behind at the end of the day and be okay at the end! They also won't slip and fall in Tar. Under the command of StefyG they have increased speed, strength and throw! He loves to cook, thats right a pikmin that can cook and he ends up doing the dishes as well, good pikmin! He helps StefyG in the kitchen more than the other captain combined!