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Night Mode (PLA)

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This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Louie's Adventure, which was created by Peach Bulborb, and 13Pikmar, two average users on this wiki.
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Night Mode is an unlockable game mode in the game Pikmin: Louie's Adventure.

How to Unlock[edit]

Enter the Mecha World on (or after) day 60. Mysteriously, the land will be devoid of life. That is because the Colossal Bulk Legs will drop down from above. Defeat the enemy to gain a Black Pearl that is used to unlock Night Mode.


After all the supercomputer parts have been gained in an area, Night Mode will be unlocked for that area.

If that area is played during Night Mode, the sky will be pitch black and it will be difficult to see distances. This darkness is very similar to the darkness in the Forest Navel in the first Pikmin game.


There are quite a few differences in this mode as compared to story mode. One, you cannot put Pikmin back into Onions if they have been taken out. However, you can take out as many Pikmin as you want. Handle them carefully, as you have only 25 of each type and Onions will not release any more seeds to make into Pikmin.

The enemies have changed as well. Enemies that sleep during the day (Red Bulborbs, Creeping Chrysanthemums, Cloaking Burrow-Nits, etc.) will all be active and a bit more fierce in battle. Thus, all enemies in the area will be awake and active. Unfortunately, these enemies have no boundaries and may even enter the landing site.

The only new enemies are Black Bulborbs. These creatures are not to be confused with the underground variant.


The goal is simple: survive the night with as many Pikmin as possible to get within the top five high scores for that area!