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Newborn Blowhog

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Newborn Blowhog
Newborn Blowhog.JPG
Scientific Name Sus bambinii
Family Blowhog
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Subterranean Lake
Carry Weight 3 Pikmin
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth N/A
Value 1 Poko
Attacks Knocks over Pikmin, deflowers Pikmin, tramples Pikmin (can use elemental attacks if sprayed with radiation)

Newborn Blowhogs are tiny, baby Blowhogs given birth to by giant Blowhogs called Giga Blowhogs (the only kind known are the Giga Watery Blowhogs). At first, they cannot harm Pikmin as they don't have their elemental attacks, but is they are sprayed with radiation, they can become elemental. Different kinds of radiation can cause it to use different elemental abilities, for example, if it's sprayed with red radiation, it can use fire, or if it's sprayed with blue radiation, it will be able to use water. Since many will be given birth to at once, they will often attack as a group.


It looks like any other Blowhog, except it has a gray snout (it will change to a different color when it's sprayed with radiation) and is the size of Dwarf Red Bulborb.


Solitary Newborn Blowhogs, when they haven't been sprayed with radiation, it will blow out air as they aren't elemental yet. They can also charge into your army of Pikmin, knocking them over and deflowering them. However, most of the time, Newborn Blowhogs will attack as a group. They will run right over your Pikmin, and it's possible they can squish some Pikmin.

How to Kill[edit]

You can kill solitary Newborn Blowhogs any way you would kill a regular Blowhog. When you need to kill a group, however, it's recommended you use Purple Pikmin, as they can stun the whole group and will lose their defense. If Purple Pikmin aren't available, then you just throw your Pikmin onto the Blowhogs and they will attack different Blowhogs.