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Name Nathaniel
Gender Male
Home planet Canada
Height TBA
Weight TBA

Nathaniel or "Nathan" is one of the 4 Main captains in Pikmin: Before the Impact. Nathaniel's Color is green which is not just his favorite color it is actually a reference to Mario's brother Luigi.


Nathaniel is StefyG's closest friend out of the other 3 capatains though his passion for video games is a big as StefyG's he does not have that big of an appetite making him quicker than StefyG. He has quite a big family including himself contains 3 brothers a little sister Mom, Dad, 2 dogs and a cat, HOLY CRAP! Though he is tight with his human freinds the Pikmin don't think highly of him, not HATE him, just not as much respect; so it ends in a couple of disobedience accidents, Stupid Pikmin... They trip and fall behind more often under Nathaniel's command. Like his closest friend he is also 13 but is older by a few weeks. Nathaniel is no scientist or chef but his notes are quite funny, like freakin' hilarious!


At Level 1

Power: 3 Command: 1 Stealth:2 Speed:3

Experience Points at level 100: 100937700

Common Level Up:

Power: +3/4 Command: +1/2 Stealth: +3 Speed: +3/4



Power: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-250xp

Pluck Speed: D-60xp C-120xp B-240xp A-300xp A+-360xp

Throw Skill: D-40xp C-80xp B-160xp A-320xp A+-400xp


Sheild: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Fire Resistance-200xp

Electricity Resistance-300xp

Poisin Resistance-300xp

Bio- Hazardious Waste Resistance-400xp

Geothermal Protection-350xp

Sub-Zero Protection-350xp


Speed: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-250xp

Stealth: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Wind Resistance-300xp

Tar Resistance-300xp

Magma Resistance-400xp


Range: D-100xp C-150xp B-200xp A-250xp A+-300xp

Area: D-100xp C-150xp B-200xp A-250xp A+-300xp