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Music Makes us Better

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'Music Makes us Better' is sung by the Pikmin Gang during the ending of Pikmin: The Final Stand.


Pikmin Gang: If your feeling lost down in your soul, just remember to have some rock and roll. Music makes us better, bring us together(repeated seven times). Purple Pikmin: And I owe my life to rock and roll!!!


Each of the characters are doing a dance.

Olimar: Waltzing with his wife.

Olimar's wife: Waltzing with Olimar.

President: Shaking his head near his wife.

Olimar's son (Siggitarius): Pushing people into the crowd.

Olimar's daughter (Libra): Is seen dancing with Bulbie.

Bulbie: Hopping up and down.

Louie: Seen dancing on top of the Titan Dweevil.

Titan Dweevil: Seen kicking Beady Long Legs and Raging Long Legs out of his way.

Beady Long Legs: Jumping up and down.

Raging Long Legs: Same as Beady Long Legs.

Waterwraith: Rolling back and forth on it's rollers.

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