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Monstrous Mountain

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The Monsteous Mountain is the fifth area in the game Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. It is a huge mountainous climb with many slopes and rockslides. Be careful around the slopes as the house many creatures who are Fond of heights and rocks. Returning enemies from the first few areas have made a home up in the mountainous region. This region is also the semifinal area and the final area for treasures and dungeons. This region consists of 20 treasure and 6 dungeons, making it the hardest regular region played in the game.


Orange Bulborb

Hairy Bulborb

Spotty Bulbear

Orange Bulbear

Dwarf Bulbear

Dwarf Orange Bulbear

Brownie Sugbug



Lesser Shearwig

Greater Shearwig

Greedy Gweevil

Blazing Blowhog

Puffy Blowhog

Volt Blowhog

Roller Prig

Baby Priglet

Dwarf Prig

Bumbling Snitchbug

Signal Snitchbug


Baby Snitchburrow

Trap Snitchburrow

Greater Horde Scarpling

Armored Cannon Beetle

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva

Steamy Cannon Beetle

Armored Cannon Lithofly

Armored Cannon Lithofly Larva

Ferocious Scavenge Beetle

Stacking Cleaner Beetle


Burglar Crookbug

Master Crookbug

Launcher Groink

White Crawclaw

Red Crawclaw

Cloaking Burrow-Nit

Fear Burrow-Nit

Great Norpian

Crane Snearo

Spicy Lerch

Flamethrower Lerch


Stone Mamuta


Flame Leaf







Base: average base, just watch out for various enemies such as Wagfly and Paragrass.

Rocky cliffs: These cliffs have crevices in them that house various enemies that may have made rockslides or have made noises. You should still watch for rockslides. You may think your safe, but your not from rockslides!

The Peak: This is the last area of the game. There are no enemies up there and the only thing up there is a single statue of Olimar and Louie standing in unisons with onions behind them. The last dungeon waits for you there. You also find the last species of Pikmin here: Green Pikmin.





Water Bombs

Bomb Rocks


Deepsea Ship

Rockslide Ravine

Avalanche Complex

Slimy Crevice

Cherry Blossom Climb

Monstrous Trunk