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Mega Goolix

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The Mega Goolix is an enormous Goolix-like creature.


The Mega Goolix appears in the following games:


  • Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds
    • Shimmering Lake


Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds
A humongous blue liquid blob containing a large yellowish-whitish orb and a slightly smaller blue-green marble-like orb.


Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds[edit]


Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds
It stretches around towards in the vicinity. When it comes in contact with non-Blue Pikmin they will be drawn into the colloidal substance surrounding the two nuclei and begin to drown. Leaders cannot go inside the colloidal substance and will be hurt if they try to. As the Mega Goolix's health gets lower it will become more aggressive.

Strategy to Defeat[edit]

Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds
Throw blue pikmin to attack the smaller marble-like orb in a group and/or throw them against the large whitish orb. Blue Pikmin can be thrown at drowning Pikmin to save them.