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Maroon Maze

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Smokey Bulborb.jpg This means War!
This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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Maroon Maze is either the fifteenth or sixteenth cave in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It only has two floors, but it is pretty hard. It is located at Lava Lagoon

Sublevel 1[edit]


This sublevel is huge, almost the size of a whole area! The starting section is small, and there are 4 Breadbugs and a Giant Breadbug roaming around. The section is littered with carcasses and treasures. The Giant Breadbug holds a key, which opens a hole in the wall. The hole leads to a large maze filled with dangerous enemies, lava, and poison pipes. The goal is to find the Iridescant Glint Beetle somewhere in the maze, which holds another key. This time, a hole opens into a medium-sized bowl-shaped area, where there are two angry Cannon Beetle Larvae waiting for you. Knock them out and have your Orange Pikmin break down a stone wall. In the final, small section, there is a Queen Candypop Bud and the hole. Finally, you've conquered the maze!

Sublevel 2 (Final Floor)[edit]


A loud sound reverberates through the area. Olimar turns to see a large machine trying to dig through the wall. It notices Olimar, and attacks. It tries to run over Pikmin with its wheels, and it sometimes uses its drill to attack. Also, it can throw rocks and bomb-rocks from a cargo on its back. This, however is its weakness, as Orange Pikmin can throw the bomb-rocks back at it, which is the only way to attack it. Hit it three times, and it will start to steam and get angrier. It will now move faster and throw more rocks than bomb-rocks. Hit it two more times, and it will explode, leaving only its head and half a valve behind. The other half of the valve is in Stump Grotto. If you have both, you can access the Rusty Pipeworks.