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Pikmin Story Serial

Preview of Chapter 5

"It's a Tree Snagret!" Ruby yelled. The Tree Snagret just stood there, looking at the fearful Pikmin, who were cowering under it. This wasn't like any other Snagret they had seen. It was twice the size of a Pileated Snagret, its scales were brown and the feathers on its head were green.

"Nobody...move..." Ruby whispered. The other Pikmin didn't need to be told that: they were too frightened to move. In just one moment, they had lost all their willpower, all their determination, and now they were reduced to just sitting ducks. Red Pikmin weren't fearful of anything, except for Snagrets, and seeing this titanic Snagret made them very scared. They just gaped at the Snagret, which was still watching them. It almost seemed like the Snagret was testing them.

"...I'm going to try something," Ruby said. "I'm going to try to talk to the Snagret."

"Wait, what?" the other Pikmin said, astounded. Ruby started making high pitched squeaking noises towards the Snagret, and the freakish bird-snake chimera stared intensely at her. The Snagret responded in a series of rather low chirps; any creature could tell it was upset.

Ruby nervously translated its chirps, a look of fear washing over her face: "She says that we bothered her and that she's going to feed us to her chicks!"

At this, all the other Pikmin became horrified. "Oh no! Can't you tell it to let us live?" Flare pleaded.

"I can't! She's really mad, and she won't negotiate!" Ruby warned. "Attacking is useless! She's too powerful! We gotta get out of here!"

"...What?" Ignis said, bewildered. "I thought you said if we work together we can take down anything! Come on, let's attack!" He got up and rushed at the Snagret's foot, refusing to give up.

"No, Ignis, DON'T!" Ruby cried.

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Pikmin Forever

Pikmin Forever is a fan-made game by Scruffy, for the Wii U. It is a direct sequel to Pikmin 3, and its story essentially brings the story arc of the first three games to a conclusion: Captain Olimar must venture to PNF-404 one last time, and all along his latest and largest mission he discovers the true nature and purpose of Pikmin and the Onions. The gameplay of Pikmin Forever combines elements of all three canon games, while adding new types of Pikmin, a new feature to direct where Pikmin carry items, and new, physically dynamic enemies. It also features a revamped Challenge Mode and a Sandbox for creating Pikmin challenges. Its graphics improve upon those of Pikmin 3, with higher quality textures (and anti-aliasing), more realistic reflections, and better physically plausible shading.


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