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Artwork of Deathbone Desert.

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Pikmin Story Serial

Chapter 2: Exploration

Ignis had climbed up into the Onion and waited beside the exit. Glass came down and sealed it off. Then Ignis saw a flashing red light, and felt a massive jolt, being pulled down. Suddenly worried, he looked through the glass, and saw the ground slowly getting smaller.

They were flying!

Ignis stared intensely at the ground. It got smaller and smaller as the Onion accelerated into the evening sky. The giant trees that were towering above him just moments ago gradually faded into oblivion, becoming nothing more than mere decorations on the surface of the planet. He studied the landscape: most of the ground was forest, and there was a lake to the north. Beyond the lake was a mountain range, and beyond the mountains, Ignis couldn't discern. Then he looked up, and saw some wispy pinkish orange clouds. Above those, the blue-purple sky faded into a black void, jeweled with stars and nebulae. It was indeed a beautiful sight, for Ignis had never seen a sunset before. It was his first, and certainly not his last.

Then Ignis remembered what he had to do: he had to find Ruby, and talk to her about his powers. Making sure that it wasn't just some sort of dream, he put out his right palm, and with little effort, a small blaze appeared over his hand, dancing and flickering. He let the small flame go out, then he walked forward, away from the glass-covered exit. The room he was in was an antechamber of sorts: it was a circular room, with the exit in the back. The Sprout Facility's entrance was at the front of the room. A set of stairs in the middle of the room led up to another circular room directly above. Ignis walked up the stairs to the next room. It had a large window across the entire back half of the room. Nine elevators were present, leading to various different floors. In the front was the entrance to a passageway, which Ignis walked over to and entered.

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Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet

The long awaited sequel to Pikmin 2, created by Drigibug313.
The game is currently only being worked on by Drigibug313, Skitter Twig, and Blueflower999.
This game is set one year after Pikmin 2. Olimar is flying back to Hocotate after a long trip with his son, when he decides to look at footage from a secret camera he placed on the Pikmin Planet to monitor them while he is away. Suddenly, he sees the Pikmin fighting for their lives against some enemies. But something is not right - these enemies seem to be made of black smoke, and a second before the footage ends, he glimpses something even more disturbing: there seem to be pitch black Pikmin fighting with the enemies! He immediately turns the ship around, and heads toward the Planet of the Pikmin.


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