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Magma Dumple

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Magma Dumple
Magma Dumple.jpg
Scientific Name Ichthyosa vulcanus
Family Grub-dog
Carry Weight 5
Max. Carriers 10 Pikmin
Seed Worth 5 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Magma Dumple is a relative of the Water Dumple that developed tougher skin to suit normally intolerable conditions of a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit.


It is a bright red shade, as opposed to their water-based relatives.


They usually hangs out around or within pools of boiling lava. Despite the fact that they can survive in lava, this is only because of their outer layer of skin. After they take a single hit, any surrounding magma will instantly burn through the beast. The trouble is damaging the Magma Dumple in the first place! Magma is impossible for captains to venture through until they discover some kind of fire protection, and even Red Pikmin can suffocate under layers of lava. A wiser course of action may be luring one just out of the lava so you can punch it, then running away to let it kill itself by returning into the magma.