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Lost Paradise

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Nuvola warning.png Distant Planet
This article relates to the Non-Canon game, Pikmin: Distant Planet, and is made up by the users of this wiki.
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Lost Paradise is the fourth area discovered in Pikmin: Distant Planet. You'll be able to see the Lost Paradise from a particular vantage point in the Shallow Land after you explore the area with your Cyan Pikmin. The Lost Paradise is a lake area, as well as a bit of the woods around the lake. That being said, it is quite large and difficult to explore. Blue Pikmin are found here, and you'll need them if you want to explore a large part of the area which is completely underwater. As soon as you discover them though, you'll have all the Pikmin types. Therefore, you may want to fully explore the previous three areas before tackling this one. Anyways, this area has generally fair weather, although there is still a chance that you'll get a storm.

Weather Stats[edit]

  • Scorch: 0%
  • Sunny: 30%
  • Misty: 30%
  • Rainy: 30%
  • Storm: 10%