Lord Droneule

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This article relates to the Non-Canon game, Pikmin: Corporate Combat , and is made up by Bioman223.
Lord Droneule
Scientific Name Dominus fucus
Family Droneoid
Underground Areas Drone Colony
Carry Weight 20
Max. Carriers 50 Pikmin
Seed Worth 25
Attacks Sprays fire, sprays acid, crushes Pikmin, causes boulders to fall, summons other Droneules

The Lord Droneule is a boss in Pikmin: Corporate Combat. It is a huge, purple Droneule with a black, crown-like crest on its bulb. It has one pair of arms along with two pairs of legs. When provoked, it will spray fire or acid, crush Pikmin with its arms, causes boulders to fall, and summon other Droneules.


Olimar's Notes

This beast is the leader of the Droneule colony. It possesses traits of many of the other subspecies, and is incredibly hostile. It sprays pheromones across extremely large distances, commanding every individual Droneule of the colony. Recent research indicates these creatures live in large colonies, with many different subspecies dwelling, each playing a different role. The Lord Droneule commands the colony.

Louie's Notes

Shuck the creature from its shell, steam, and serve with a hint of melted butter.

How to Kill[edit]

Get one captain to control the Red Pikmin, another for Green Pikmin, and the last one for Rock Pikmin. Enter with one and have the others exit the arena. When it is about to use its acid attack, switch out the current Captain for the one with Green Pikmin, Red Pikmin for the fire attack, and Rock Pikmin for the crushing attacks. Repeat until it dies.