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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmin family" article for more canonical information.

This is a list of the different types of Pikmin.

Name Immunities Abilities Color Feature
Red Pikmin fire strong Red Nose
Yellow Pikmin electricity pick up bomb rocks(In pikmin 1 and pikmin 3.) Yellow Ears
Blue Pikmin water Can rescue drowning pikmin Blue Gills
White Pikmin poison digging White Red Eyes
Purple Pikmin none super strength Purple Hair
Bulbmin Omnimmune, except Squishing, Eating, and Explosions none White/Red Bulborb Resemblance
Rock Pikmin Glass super strength Gray Rock
Winged Pikmin Flying Cute Pink Wings
Assassin Pikmin none super attack Black Hair
Black Pikmin sticky none Black None
Black Pikmin (Clouded Skies) none electromagnet Black Yellow Eyes
Black Pikmin (Pikmin 4) sticky carry multiple Black ???
Black Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles) none dark-damaging Black horns over eyes
Black Pikmin (Pikmin 3) spores Can fight Paranormal Enemies Black green eyebrows
Black Pikmin (Sticky) Sunset Can't be shaken or bucked off Black Claws
Blikmin Omnimmune hunters & huge Purple Omnifeatured
Bloat Pikmin none super super super strength ??? ???
Bomb-Rock Pikmin none carry bomb-rocks, heavy green tail
Bronze Pikmin (GoldPikPik) ??? ??? Bronze / Brown ???
Brown Pikmin Explosions Uses silk to swing into enemies Brown Silk
Brown Pikmin (Pikmin 3) none digging Brown claws
Brown Pikmin (New World Earth based attacks digging secret passageways Brown Spiky Excoskeleton
Bulbearmin omnimmune, excluding Squishing, Eating, and Explosions none Black/Red Bulbear Resemblance
Burgendy Pikmin Hot Air none Burgundy / light red mouth
Carrier Pikmin none carry only gray and blue five feet and five leaves
Chrome Pikmin omnimmune, excluding heat none platinum / gray spikes and nose
Crystal Pikmin omnimmune, excluding deathwave blind enemies transparent All
Cyan Pikmin coldness remove ice & rust metal cyan / light blue mouth
Cyan_Pikmin_(Blue-Eyed) coldness digging cyan / light blue blue eyes
Cyan Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles) coldness, water harder to chew cyan / light blue mouth
Dark Blue Pikmin freezing water none dark blue none
Gold Pikmin ??? ??? Gold / Yellow ???
Gold Pikmin(Pikmin Choronicles) acid, poison super strength Gold / Yellow wrinkled skin
Gray Pikmin eating none gray tails
Gray Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles) quicksand quicksand Grey no pupils, patterned
Green Pikmin acid none green none
Green Pikmin (Pikmin 4) water & electricity none green tails & noses
Green Pikmin (zaco concept) none flying green three leaves
Green Pikmin (Flip-gill) acid Can rescue other non-parasitic pikmin (If you have Armored Footwear) green Gills
Green Pikmin (New World) acid Can walk through acid green tail
Green Pikmin (Back to Pikmin) night Is stronger against Plant based enemies Green ear
Grey Pikmin none turn into Candypop Buds graphite / grey none
Grey Pikmin (Clouded Skies) quicksand; shallow water better tossing Grey more legs
Ice Pikmin coldness none Clear made of ice
Knight Pikmin none armor ??? armor
Kryptonite Pikmin omnimmune blind enemies Burgundy / light red ???
Legend Pikmin water at leaf stage; everything except antimatter, explosions, squashing, and sunset at bud stage; everything except antimatter at flower stage has a sword, causes damage when eaten green green cap
Light B**e Pikmin coldness burrow though ice light blue tail
Mint Pikmin none Heals Captains, charges Light Green (Ground), Pink (Cave) Twiglike Horns
Move Pikmin =Dabbing|Move Fat
Omnipikmin Omnimmune All Powers All Colors Omnifeatured
Onyx Pikmin night none black none
Orange Pikmin explosions carry bombrocks orange blotches
Orange Pikmin (Pikmin 4) projectiles none orange ???
Orange Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles) eating none orange spikes
Orange_Pikmin_(Thorny_Demon) eating and fleshy squishing pop jellyfloats in one hit, strong orange spikes
Orange_Pikmin_(Pikmin And The Bulbamin) Teliporting From Danger orange Rolling
Pink Pikmin wind rust though walls pink long noses & wings
Pink Pikmin (Pikmin Choronicles) explosions, crushing avoids enemies, weak pink shiny, Roses for flowers
Pink Pikmin (Glamorous but Deadly) Crushing Cuts very dangerously pink Sharp "Saw fin" on back of stem
Primordial Pikmin swimming none black glowy patterns
Raposa Pikmin none speaking ??? fox-like ears
Sandy Pikmin Spikes and Sand Can walk through Quicksand Brown Spiky Antenne
Silver Pikmin ??? ??? Silver / Grey ???
Tan Pikmin quicksand & sandstorm defusing sand hazards Tan long, hollow tail
Tan Pikmin (Pikmin 3) muddy water none Tan Red, feathery, gills
Teal Pikmin (New World) Ice and Icy Coldness Can walk on ice faster Teal Double antenne
Titan Pikmin Fire, Water, Electricity Extremely strong Brown Giant Size
Yellow-green Pikmin ??? ??? ??? ???
Striped Pikmin Mind Attacks Telekinesis White with red stripes Green Flower on head
Clanking Pikmin Rock attacks ??? Simlar to rock Pikmin Grey flower on head
Cheescracker Pikmin ??? Can Slip through Enemies Pinkish Red Fat
Double Pikmin Everything Everything Everything
Feather Pikmin Fire, Eating, and Darkness ??? Striped Green and Yellow Feathers
Creeper Pikmin Explosions Will explode when dying Green like a creeper It's cube-like head
Power Pikmin Depends on Power Depends on Power Grey Ears, mouth, nose, wings if using Wing Power, rock body if using Crystal Power.