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Lilypad Lagoon

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The Lilypad Lagoon is the fourth area in the game Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. This region is filled with water so Blue Pikmin are needed to explore this region. Sooner you can drain the water in some places, but not all. This region also houses many water enemies and looks like a backyard creek. There are a total of 15 treasures and 6 dungeons in this region.


Red Bulborb

Aqua Bulblax

Slinky Bulbat

Burping Bulbat

Giant Breadbug


Male Probogrub

Female Probogrub

Anode Dweevil

Caustic Dweevil

Electric Sweevil

Aquatic Sweevil

Fiery Blowhog

Watery Blowhog

Withering Blowhog

Yellow Wollywog

Orange Wolllywog


Garden Wollywog


Diving Snitchbug

Armored Cannon Lithofly

Toady Bloyster

Musker Shellking

Iridescent Flint Beetle

Common Gish

Hermit Crawmad

Sprinkler Crawmad

Spiny Crawshell

Tank Jellyflish

Carnivorous Lilypad



Base: regular base, just be wary of the possible Bullwog(s) found at your base.

Spring Fields: A huge field full of spring flowers,this area is the most beautiful area of this region. Though beautiful, this area also houses some dangerous enemies here such as Bullwog(s) and Spiny Crawshell(s). A large squad of Pikmin is recommended if you wish to proceed through this area. This is also where you find Orange Pikmin.

Lilypad bridge: The final area of this region. It consists of lily pads with geysers you can cross to reach the other lily pads. Be warned that not every lily pad is a real lily pad. There is a creature known as the Carnivourous Lilypad disguised as a lily pad and will eat almost all your Pikmin if you stray on it for too long. Be wary of this tricky enemy.


Aqua Interior

Swampy Citadel

Waterplant Park

Growth Garden

Nourishment Trunk

Waterspout Carnival