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Name Libra
Gender Female
Home planet Hocotate
Height 1.9 cm (0.75 inches)
Weight ~1 unit

Libra is Olimar's daughter. It is also a ship part in Pikmin. Her usual captain color is yellow.

How to unlock it[edit]

She is in fact a playable character. She is a little difficult to unlock. First you must defeat the Flaming Supershear and bring the Wonderful Gold back to the pod. Then when you return to Suma dock, Libra will appear next to the first tourist pod. When you talk to her she will say" Dad im sorry I snuck out, I was jealous of Sagittarius." She then says if you give her a beautiful necklace then she will help explore the world. To get the Beautiful Necklace you must talk to Sigan about it. He then says that he will turn the Wonderful Golf into a necklace if you kill the Super Watershear and give him the Yummy Goop. Once you give the Wonderful Necklace to Libra then she will gladly join you as a playable character.

In Pikmin: Adventurer of Fore[edit]

In Pikmin: Adventurer of Fore Libra serves as the 'crew's' botanist. Because she is a bit older in this game then she usually is, she doesn't have a pink hat, and instead, shoulder-length pale blond hair. For some reason, her eyes are wide unlike other hocotatians eyes and it's completely unknown why. Based on how she talks to Logan, she might have a crush on him.