Lebben Rocket Company

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Ultimate, which was created by Some Guy.
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Lebben Rocket Company

We do the rockets, you do the flying!


We will, we will, find life!

Official Name Lebben Rocket Company
Founder unkown
Leader Unkown
Business Makes rockets on Lebben and sends people to outer space to find life
Headquarters Lebben Headquarters.Inc

Lebben Rocket Company which is on the planet Lebben. There isn't much known on the Company, as Bonjoe only talks about it in his speech once you catch him the second time.


It appears that Lebben is a planet ruled by Lebbers. The planet used to be a wonderful place filled with grass and sunflowers, however, due to planting complications, now has it's life nearly depleted. Edible plants are the only source of food on Lebben, so any 6 more years with this small amount of edible matter, Lebbers could become extinct, due to starvation. To fix this problem, a Lebber created the Lebben Rocket Company, hoping to bring back the wonderful place Lebben once was. About 200 Lebbers applied here, but only 20 where hired. In 18XX, they finished their first fully functional rocket, the S.S Field. The president of LRC sent his most greatest Lebber, Bonjoe, to fly the S.S Field to leave Lebben's atmosphere, and go find life. Bonjoe agreed to save his planet, so he took off and left the almost lifeless planet, to bring back food for his race.