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Lava Lagoon

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Smokey Bulborb.jpg This means War!
This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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Lava Lagoon is the fourth area visited in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. Orange Pikmin are discovered here.


Lava Lagoon is an extremely volcanic area, which is divided into three distinct subareas.

Subarea 1: Tundra Plains[edit]

This section is where the landing site is, and the section is mostly open tundra. This is where the easier enemies are, such as Fiery Blowhogs and Red Bulborbs.

Subarea 2: Lava Lagoon[edit]

This subarea contains the titular lava lagoon, which is like a body of water that only Red Pikmin can cross. Captains can't even touch it until they get the treasure from Crag Cavern. There is a large island in the middle. When you reach it, you can build a bridge to the Tundra Plains. The Maroon Maze is located on the island.

Subarea 3: Mountain Range[edit]

This subarea has mountainous terrain, and at the farthest corner of it is a volcano. The Lava Labrynth is located at the top of the volcano. There are tough enemies lurking around here, such as Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae and Charcoal Wollywogs.



  • Cloudy- normal conditions
  • Fire Rain- only Red Pikmin can come outside