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Doomed Time
This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Doomed Time, made by Pikness34, and help is accepted by other users.

Gained after getting the Reacto Thrusthers

Olimar's red Jetpack.


Converts Poisonous Oxygen,and Neutral Nitrogen Into Thrust.Propelling Captains Into the air Up To very High ALTITUDES Infinitely(Note You'll Still take damage from enemies Except, Armored Cannon Beetle and Their Larva Etc. Basically any attack that stays on the ground rocks,Bite from Bulborb larva,Water dumples,Etc)


Two Rockets on The bottom of the Life Support Backpack is the simplest Design and more manuverable.(Olimar's Since he doesn't want fancy smancy stuff or so he says) Fancier are the other ones,With retractable wings,attached flare guns,Dart launchers to slow down creatures.Everyone's Jetpack is Different


Olimar's red Jetpack.

Basicly a standadrd model Slow but Manuverable.It is the Color red cause it's hooked to his Life-Support BackpackComes with smoke emmiters,which doesn't hurt pikmin, allowing the captain and his army to leave,or retreat.Whatever Speed: 3.74 Miles per hour Turning: Really fast'


Pikness34's Jetpack
Kinda Fancy,Goldenish Because it's on his,life-support backpack.It features Medium-Sized Retractable trianguler wings,and has two extra rockets on the wings.It features a dart launcher which when fires a dart at an enemy it slows it down(Except some).Fast but not Manuverable.

Speed:4 Miles an hour Turning Slow


The President's Jetpack

Extremely Fancy.It is Goldenish like his Life-Support Backpack.It has 4 Medium-Sized Retractable Wings.They are in X-wing shape(Basicly like an X).It Features the flare gun(Useless in the Beginning but Useful later on)Which does almost nothing except (With a Flare)Create a bright light or Send a rescue team(Only if all Captains are down and President is last one down) And all the captains are okay the next day.Fast and highly manuverable.

Speed:4.3 Miles an hour Turning: Really fast


Louie's Jetpack

Strange.It is Blue because of his Life-Support Backpack.It has 2 medium sized retractable wings on the Backpack left and right and one in the middle of the life support backpack.It features the Bite taker which when activated the device will sneak food into louies mouth restoring 50% of hp(Usefull in large battles)Standard speed and manuverable(Maybe we'll see this go into the market) Speed:3.89 Miles an hour Turning: Really fast


  • Cool
  • Easier to attack out of reach enemies
  • Provides Useful Tools
  • Easier to escape
  • Provides A useful way of Flying besides The ships.
  • Adds new gameplay mode


  • Hard To master
  • Items such as The Darts for the dart launcher,Flares for the flare launcher,andSmoke packs for the smoke emitters have to be bought from the Shop at H5-74 Orbiting Docking Bay.
  • If hit while using your jetpack you may lose control and crash causing more damage