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Jelly Pikmin

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This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Louie's Adventure, which was created by Peach Bulborb, and 13Pikmar, two average users on this wiki.
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Jelly Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that appear in the game Pikmin: Louie's Adventure. They are a special type of transformation that occur in Pikmin when they drink a Gooblob.


After Pikmin take a sip from the Gooblob, they transform into a new appearance. The appearance is similar to that of the Waterwraith, only they have a stem and no wheels. They are a navy blue color.

When the Pikmin take it, they are powered up. When they fight, they are all the same power level as they were beforehand. The best part about this handy pikmin is that they will be invincible to being eaten, due to the fact that they slip out of the enemies mouth; and aren't invincible to everything, even though they are made of a jelly like substance. This makes them the ultimate combatants against any biting enemy (certain attacks will still kill them, though). This is not a temporary power-up but an actual pikmin species, only it is obtained differently than the usual methods. Just like Rock Pikmin and the Medusal Slurker.


Immune to eating and squishing. Immune to most hazards. Also, Jelly Pikmin are capable of slipping through the cracks in certain walls and getting to the other side (accomplished by throwing them and making them collide with the wall).


Jelly Pikmin are immune to many hazards. However, a few exceptions exist:

  • Water: Jelly Pikmin are immune to water, but they are denser than water and will always sink to the bottom. It is difficult to throw them when they are in water
  • Acid: Although acid does not kill them, they partially absorb some of it and become acidic until the end of the day. Any pikmin they touch will be exposed to acid.

Jelly Pikmin have the added weakness of breaking apart into blobs if thrown. They will reform if this happens, but it takes about 3 seconds. Due to this, it is recommended that you swarm a target rather than throw pikmin onto it.

Methods of Obtaining a Gooblob[edit]