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Icy Cannon Beetle

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Ultimate Doom
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Ultimate Doom by Wraith.

The Icy Cannon Beetle is an enemy in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom, and It was created as an effect of the previous Global Breakdown. This Cannon Beetle variant was not seen in Pikmin: Global Breakdown because it was still just becoming a mutated sub-species at the time.


This creature appears in the following fanon games:


The Icy Cannon Beetle's in-game locations:


The Icy Cannon Beetle has four legs just like it's base species. It doesn't have any spikes on its back and the two "lights" on both sides of its snout is yellow. The strange circular markings on its torso are also yellow.


None currently.


It is completely buried in snow at the start of the day, but it can be easy to tell where one is. There is usually a lump of snow or some markings indicating where its buried. When Pikmin are nearby this creature emerges completely, crushing any Pikmin on its emergence. It stays above ground for the rest of the day and trudges around in the snow. If a Captain or Pikmin is nearby, it will suck in snow and blow out a big snowball that crushes all but Ice Pikmin. The snowballs follow either the captains or Pikmin, similar to a Decorated Cannon Beetle's rocks.

Strategy to defeat[edit]

It is wise to have Ice Pikmin handy and a small group of Purple Pikmin. When a Purple is thrown at the Icy Cannon Beetle's burial spot, the creature will be stunned for two seconds, and it deals a good amount of damage to the beetle. If it emerges, however, have one captain near it and keep all other colors away with another captain. The snowballs that the Icy Cannon Beetle launch become larger while they roll around, so be cautious. Ice Pikmin aren't hurt by the snowballs and they can stop them if the player orders them to swarm it. The Icy Cannon Beetle has twice as much health as the Decorated Canon Beetle as well.