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Icy Bulblax

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All games
A two-legged, beetle-like creature with a cyan colored face, a blue back with black streaks that appears to be melting, stalks that hold up two blue eyes, and a large mouth.


Pikmin:Distant Planet[edit]

Bludrem arktikos
Grub-dog family

The Icy Bulblax is the cousin of the Fiery Bulblax. This chilly Bulblax adapted from its cousin when the Fiery Bulblaxes were pushed from their environment by the Giga Watery Blowhogs. The area was so cold, they were forced to cool down. Then the Giga Watery Blowhogs came and dowsed the Bulblaxes. The water quickly froze and the first Icy Bulblax was made. They were made a new species but stayed with two traits of the Firey Bulblaxes: the black back and the melted skin.

Yoshord's Notes[edit]

As much sense as the more accepted theory makes, I prefer the theory that these are Watery Bulblaxes that are in a sub-zero area. Evidence supporting this is that Watery Bulblaxes are only found in warmer areas and Icey Bulblaxes are only found in cold areas, so it is entierly possible that the only difference between the two is whether their water attack freezes or not upon leaving the Bulblax's body. Of course, moving a Bulblax from one area to another is difficult, so I have been unable to melt an Icey Bulblax or freeze a Watery Bulblax. Analysis of the Bulblax's ice coating will have to be done sometime.


All games
This creature is usually sleeping. When Pikmin or their leaders get close enough, it will wake up and try to bite the leaders and eat the Pikmin. If run away from it, it will walk back to its original location and fall back asleep.

Strategy to Defeat[edit]

All games
Swarming with large groups of Cyan Pikmin works in all of the games. Captains punching it will also work (if they have ice resistance).