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Hospitality Cavern

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The Hospitality Cavern is the first of four caves you will enter in the Remorse Plateau in Pikoblitz 2. Just like in Pikoblitz, White Pikmin are found here. Nothing too dangerous here, so, you shouln't lose pikmin here. Has a basic dungeon appearance.

Sublevels: 3

Items: 4

Hazards: Poison

Sublevel 1[edit]

Items: 1

Hazards: None

Sublevel 2[edit]

Items: 1

Hazards: Poison

Sublevel 3[edit]

Items: 2

  • Quadigon Teleporter(Teleporter-Like Object) 200 Pikmin Points (110 Pikmin)

This allows you to progress to the Forsaken Forest. When paired up with the "Tripod Generator", it will grant you with the Targeting System, which allows you to hit enemies/objects/throw pikmin easier.

A little bit of Trivia: The Targeting System was inspired by a trailer of Pikmin 3, (Yes, It's almost here) where it appears there was some sort of new targeting system in the game. (The official trailer, of course).

Hazards: Poison