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Scientific name Usagus primavera
Family Kettlebug
Areas Evergreen Grove, Seagrass Plains, Dewdrop Jungle
Carry Weight 2
Max. Carriers 4
Seed Worth 2
Poko Value Poko × 2
Attacks kicks with hind legs

The Harebug is a harmless enemy found in multiple areas in Pikmin Z.


  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Predators: All medium/large enemies

This species of Kettlebug bares a vague resemblance to a real world Grasshopper: with two small frontal legs, and two very long hind legs, each twice as long as its own body. This advantage allows it to jump ten times the length of its body. They're often docile, and often found on vegetation. When threatened it will try to hop away, but can still use it's hind feet to kick an enemy away to give it time to escape.

Piklopedia Entry

The Harebug is a insect-like, herbivorous creature with a set of powerful back legs. For such a small creature, compared to its body size, it can make amazing leaps in order to evade danger. It's a good thing that this little creature isn't a carnivore, as it would be hard to avoid such a quick critter.


If you do end up flushing one out into the open, swarming it often is the quickest way to defeat one. It is able to kick back your Pikmin to a fairly long range, and while it doesn't hurt the Pikmin, can launch them into threats or other enemies, so it's still best to call them in once this occurs.