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This page has to do with the organization of the Taxonomy Project and shows a listing of different Taxa. The cannonity of this page is disputable.

The Grub-dog family contains true Bulborbs as well as several other species in the Pikmin games. The most well-known member of this family is the Red Bulborb.

The Grub-dogs' name comes from Bulbie, Captain Olimar's dog that resembles a Bulborb. Moreover, Bulborb is derived from Bulbie. However, a Hocotatian dog looks very different than an earth dog.

Red Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Red Bulborb
The most common Grub-dog, the Red Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii russus

The Red Bulborb is probably the most famous enemy in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, and is often just as much a staple for the games as the Pikmin themselves. The Red Bulborb was originally known as the Spotty Bulborb, but as other Bulborb variations were discovered, all with spots, it was renamed.

Red Bulborbs, like most Bulborbs, are largely nocturnal creatures and prefer to spend the daytime sleeping. They have a slow reaction time and can be overwhelmed by a large enough force, but caution should always be observed, as these gluttonous predators can swallow as many as five Pikmin at once. Attacking from behind will usually yield the best results, though the safest method is often just to toss heavy Purple Pikmin onto its back. Bulborbs are also surprisingly apathetic creatures, and won't wake from their sleep if one of their own is under attack.

Blue Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Blue Bulborb
The aquatic Blue Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii puteulanus

Blue Bulborbs are usually different depending on the game they're in. In Pikmin: Distant Planet and PikSpore, they are simply a blue recolor of the Red Bulborb, sometimes with increased health. In Pikmin:Redemption, they are slightly different creatures with webbed feet and gills, adapting to the water. In Pikmin Wii, they live in water and pretend to sleep, only to viciously pursue and jump on your Pikmin when approached.

Green Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Green Bulborb
The pygmy Green Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii greenus

The Green Bulborb is a smaller species of Grub-dog, about the same size as a Bulbmin leader. Like the Bulbmin leader, it patrols the area, hunting in packs.

Purple Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Purple Bulborb
The powerful Purple Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii violeta

These bulborbs are about the size of one on Pikmin 2's small Emperor Bulblaxes. They are actually female Red Bulborbs. They're heavy sleepers, so you can beat up on them from behind for a good couple of seconds before they start to retaliate. The problem is, once they've been woken up they won't go back to sleep. They'll just stand up on their legs and look around to make sure there's not a threat nearby. With their large mouths they can swallow many Pikmin at once, and after they take more than 50% of damage they'll begin to roar, which calls Bulborb Larva out of the ground to attack. This powerful creature could almost be considered a boss itself, but rather like certain powerful enemies in the first Pikmin games, it is more of a mini-boss.

Yellow Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Yellow Bulborb
The adaptable Yellow Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii flavus

The Yellow Bulborb is a creature very similar to the Red Bulborb in behavior, but it has adapted to live in arid climates. It can go for four months without water.

The diurnal, death feigning grub-dog subspecies

Oculus kageyamii flavus

The Yellow Bulborb is a very unique Grubdog being diurnal, and similarly to the Bulbear it will fake it's death.

Ninja bulborb[edit]

Main article: Ninja Bulborb
The light hide and seek ace

The shady counterpart to the bulborb. They can see greatly in the dark and they love to hide. Bring your titan pikmin to detect their strike or else you will be in trouble.

Hairy Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Hairy Bulborb
The fur-covered Hairy Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii folliculus

Hairy Bulborbs are enemies exclusive to Pikmin 2. A Bulborb variant which shares many traits with the Red Bulborb, Hairy Bulborbs are mostly white, with a brown nose and blue spots. The most notable characteristic of this particular subspecies is a plume of fluffy white hair on the creature's back, which insulates its body as an adaption to a colder habitat, and it falls off in battle.

Hairy Bulborbs behave similarly to Red Bulborbs, but are slightly more aggressive and more resilient to attack. They can still be overpowered with a large army of Pikmin.

Orange Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Orange Bulborb
The vicious Orange Bulborb.

Oculus kageyamii orangium

The Orange Bulborb is another enemy in Pikmin 2. Its appearance closely resembles that of other Bulborbs, but this particular variant sports an orange rump with black spots and a black face. Its yellow, bloodshot eyes are an indicator of this dangerous creature's vicious temperament.

As with other Bulborbs, you will usually find this animal snoozing. It does not have any particular resistances or special attacks, and can't stuff any more Pikmin into its mouth than its relatives, but approach with caution: as you will see from experience, Orange Bulborbs are especially easy to wake from a nap, and can often be extremely difficult to defeat without losing any Pikmin, even when using traditional Bulborb-fighting tactics.

Spotty Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Spotty Bulbear
The roaming Spotty Bulbear.

Oculus terribilis dotticum

Spotty Bulbears are creatures in both Pikmin games which resemble Bulborbs in appearance, but are not identical. They are a bit shorter, with rounded snouts, large chapped lips, and a wide mouth which allows them to gobble up many more Pikmin. From a distance, they are easily distinguishable by their tan faces and black bodies with red spots. You will often see a Spotty Bulbear being followed by a group of Dwarf Bulbears.

These beasts slept most of the time in Pikmin 1, but still posed a realistic threat, as they were a good deal tougher than Spotty (Red) Bulborbs. In Pikmin 2, they are wide-awake during daytime hours, making them all the more dangerous. Instead of passively waiting for food to wander by, Bulbears will traverse set patrol routes while hunting, which can sometimes lead them in the direction of your camp. You should never leave Pikmin unattended in Bulbear territory unless you're familiar with its patrol path. Attacking a Bulbear can be especially difficult if it is being followed by Dwarf Bulbears, as they will quickly devour any Pikmin that fall to the ground. Mature Bulbears are also one of two enemies in Pikmin 2 that can revive itself after shortly after being felled, so make haste in disposing of the body.

Dwarf Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Dwarf Bulbear
Younger forms of the Spotty Bulbear.

Oculus terribilis

Like the Spotty Bulbear, the Dwarf Bulbear appears in both Pikmin games. They resemble miniature Spotty Bulbears, but unlike Dwarf Bulborbs, are actually juvenile Bulbears. Bulbears in particular are known for hunting along set patrol routes in search for prey, but these immature grub-dogs do not yet have established routes, and thus rely on their parent to guide them towards food.

When by themselves, Dwarf Bulbears will behave just like Dwarf Bulborbs, hungrily sniffing at the ground while waiting for Pikmin to pass by, but they have a much higher reaction time than Dwarf Bulborbs and will not return to their original position after being disturbed. If an adult Bulbear happens to stroll by, these eager young creatures will bark and immediately fall into line behind the beast. Large numbers of Dwarf Bulbears can gather quickly in this way, so it's best to pick them off individually before they get the chance to clump. Sometimes the Bulbear is hidden, but you can tell it's there if the Dwarf Bulbear(s) are sniffing back and forth at a rapid pace and occasionally barking and walking forward a bit.

Fiery Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Fiery Bulblax
A Fiery Bulblax with its signature flames.

Oculus vulcanus

The Fiery Bulblax is found only in Pikmin 2, and is a rather odd-looking creature. Its entire body has a melted appearance, and one of its eyes is smaller than the other, possibly an eye tic (this, along with it's strange shape may be a reference to another Nintendo character: "King K. Rool" from the Donkey Kong series). This mean-looking creature's skin secretes chemicals which combust upon exposure to oxygen, setting its body aflame.

Only Red Pikmin can withstand the blaze this creature's body produces. However, if lured into water, the flames can be extinguished, making it a prime target for Blue Pikmin. Purple Pikmin can deal damage and potentially stun the Bulblax simply by being thrown, so they work well in any situation provided they're called back before they burn to death. Whichever strategy is used, use of a spray is advisable to avoid losing any Pikmin to this walking inferno. It's also possible to slay this beast with your captains if you have the Scorch Guard, especially useful on the second sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos, where there are three of these creatures.

Emperor Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Emperor Bulblax
The enormous Emperor Bulblax.

Oculus supremus

The Emperor Bulblax is the final boss in the first Pikmin game. It lies dormant in its arena at The Final Trial stage until you approach, where it will wake up and hobble after your Pikmin. This beast resembles a flabby yellow Bulborb with small red eyes and a large, moss-covered backside.

Its attacks include licking the ground with its tongue (with the intent to eat any Pikmin that happen to be there), licking its face (to get rid of offending Pikmin), and jumping high into the air to crush and shake off Pikmin. The safest strategy by far is to have yellow Pikmin grab nearby bomb-rocks and have the Bulblax ingest them (without your Pikmin still holding onto them, of course). The more rocks in one gulp, the better. The explosion is enough to stun the titanic grub-dog, presenting the perfect opportunity to attack its fleshy face. Repeat this and a win is assured.

The Emperor Bulblax appears again in Pikmin 2, though this time is much smaller, much weaker, and much more common, appearing in multiple caves, sometimes twice in the same sublevel. Although it still possesses its signature rock-hard hide, it is significantly less mossy.

Empress Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Empress Bulblax
The titanic Empress Bulblax

Oculus matriarcha

The Empress Bulblax is a boss-class enemy in the Pikmin 2 game. It resembles a cross between a Red Bulborb and a gargantuan termite queen. Its girth has its head and legs dangling in the air, and it appears to be unable to eat on its own as it never once takes a bite at your Pikmin.

The Empress Bulblax seems to be vulnerable on all parts of its body, but attacking the head is easily the safest way to go about it. After a while, it will shake off any hostile Pikmin and roll left and right, crushing anything underneath and sometimes causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. It is one of the few bosses that can vary depending on where you encounter it, since later dungeons have the Empress continuously giving birth to ravenous Bulborb Larvae before and during the battle. The Bulblax can only be petrified if you release the spray on the middle of the monster's elongated torso.

Bulborb Larva[edit]

Main article: Bulborb Larva
The small but ravenous Bulborb Larva.

Oculus bambinii

Bulborb Larvae are only seen in Pikmin 2. These newly-born Bulborbs are without legs and do not yet have the unique color patterns that the adults display, but have white bodies with yellowish faces and what appear to be small pink tails.

These tiny creatures have exceptionally low vitality, being able to be killed with a single hit, but it is not advised that you make an attempt at them with your Pikmin, as the larvae eat them with incredible speed. Captains are usually used to deal with swarms of them. The little monsters are continuously born from Empress Bulblaxes located on Sublevel 8 of the Frontier Cavern, Sublevel 11 of the Hole of Heroes, and Sublevel 4 of the Emperor's Realm in Challenge Mode. Only a certain amount can be born, though it is a great sum to comprehend, and if you destroy enough of them, the Empress Bulblax may wake up and start giving birth again. They burst upon being defeated, meaning you cannot carry them back to the Research Pod, but they will sometimes release nectar for your Pikmin.

Water Dumple[edit]

Main article: Water Dumple
The water-dwelling Water Dumple.

Ichthyosa felinis

Water Dumples are enemies in both Pikmin games. They are part of the Grub-dog family, and while they may look different, in fact they act very similar to Bulborbs. They are most commonly found in the water, but can survive on the land as well. They resemble blue shellfish with relatively large mouths.

Water Dumples are defeated somewhat easily as long as you take caution and swarm them. Just like Bulborbs, Purple Pikmin will work well if you can find this creature on land. This creature can also be easily defeated by captains, as it has low health, and the Rocket Fist will do impressive damage on its last punch.

Dino Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Dino Bulborb
The prehistoric Dino Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii prehistoricus

The Dino Bulborb is the ancient ancestor of all grub-dogs. It is only found in the Lost Land, and is extinct everywhere else. It has sharp fangs, red eyes and yellow skin with green spots, and acts exactly the same as the Red Bulborb.

Sandy Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Sandy Bulborb
The bizarre Sandy Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii granitous

The Sandy Bulborb is an anomaly in the grub-dog family. Being composed of mostly sand and grit, its body collapses into a pile upon death. It is debated whether this creature is even a true grub-dog or not.

Brown Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Brown Bulborb
A Brown Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii fronsa

Another species similar to the Red Bulborb, the Brown Bulborb rolls around in mud to cool itself during the dry season. The mud sticks to its skin and hardens, giving its body large black splotches.

Bloated Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Bloated Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii fattuss

The Bloated Bulborb is dark green and is incredibly slow due to its gluttony, but has a little more health than the average Bulborb. Along with its green skin it also has two extra canines on each side of its mouth next to the existing ones to help it eat more, chew faster and slash its prey apart. It will also eat smaller creatures to restore its own health.

Jungle Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Jungle Bulborb
The ferocious Jungle Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii feralis

A rare species of grub-dog that lives in rainforests, the Jungle Bulborb is a deadly killer that can regurgitate its own stomach acid if awakened. Its back is covered in armor and moss, shielding its primary weak spot from attackers, and it can eat several Pikmin. It was once believed that these were juvenile Emperor Bulblaxes, though DNA analysis has proved otherwise.

Ghostly Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Ghostly Bulborb
The floating Ghostly Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii decesae

The Ghostly Bulborb is the spirit of a deceased Red Bulborb. Instead of its red and white color, it has a grey body with purple spots and gleaming yellow eyes and it has lost its legs in exchange for a ghostly tail. It attacks the same way a Red Bulborb would, but it can now go through walls and other obstacles in its way. It abhors the touch of light, and will dissipate into Dark Matter if it touches light.

Jade Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Jade Bulborb

A bulborb that shoots shards of jade at enemies.

Freshwater Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Freshwater Bulborb

Occulus kageyamii waterium

A grub-dog similar to the aquatic Blue Bulborb.

Peach Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Peach Bulborb
A Peach Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii obesa

Another fat bulborb.

Zombie Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Zombie Bulborb

a zombie bulborb.

Mutated Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Mutated Bulborb

A mutated bulborb

Ivey Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Ivey Bulborb
An Ivey Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii posimas

A Bulborb with ivy on its back

Glitter Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Glitter Bulborb
A Glitter Bulborb

Oculus kageyamii glitterius

Red Bulborb + Iridescent Glint Beetle = this

Aquatic Hairy Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Aquatic Hairy Bulborb
Aquatic Hairy Bulborb.png

Oculus kageyamii maritimus

A Hairy bulborb that lives in the water and has "creatures" living in its hair.

Icey Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Icey Bulblax
A Icey Bulblax

Bludrem arktikos

Fiery Bulblax - fire + ice = this

Watery Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Watery Bulblax
A Watery Bulblax

Oculus loogiens

Fiery Bulblax - fire + water = this

Sticky Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Sticky Bulblax
A Sticky Bulblax

Oculus loogiens

Fiery Bulblax - fire + sticky = this

Supersonic Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Supersonic Bulblax
A Supersonic Bulblax

Oculus staticous

Fiery Bulblax - fire + electricity = this

Acidic Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Acidic Bulblax
A Acidic Bulblax

Oculus radioactis

Fiery Bulblax - fire + acid = this

Chemical Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Chemical Bulblax

Fiery Bulblax - fire + chemicals = this


Main Article: Bomborb

A Red Bulborb infected with many mind controlling parasites that will explode when it dies.


Main article: Bomblax

Oculus exploso

Fiery Bulblax - fire + bombs = this


Main article: Gaspook

Oculus necros

A possessed Bulborb skull that shoots poison.


Main article: Blaspook

Oculus necros incinerator

A Bulborb skeleton that shoots fire.

Flying Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Flying Bulblax
A Flying Bulblax

Oculus aerios

Fiery Bulblax - fire + red bull = this

Darkfreeze Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Darkfreeze Bulblax

Oculus atronos

Fiery Bulblax - fire + darkfreeze = this

Horned Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Horned Bulblax

Fiery Bulblax - fire - legs = this

Doomy Bulbax[edit]

Main article: Doomy Bulbax
A Doomy Bulblax

Oculus doominus

Fiery Bulblax - fire + DOOM! - 'l' = this

Aura Bulbax[edit]

Main article: Aura Bulblax
A Aura Bulblax

Oculus aurius

Fiery Bulblax - fire + Aura = this

Toxic Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Toxic Bulblax
A Toxic Bulblax

Oculus supremus poisonus

Emperor Bulblax + poison = this

Ghastly Emperor Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Ghastly Emperor Bulblax
A Ghastly Emperor Bulblax

Oculus supremus deceasae

A dead Emperor bulblax


Main article: Rockborb
A Rockborb

Oculus Kageyamii Stonus

A Bulborb that is completly invincible except should Cyan Pikmin attack it, for some reason.

Red Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Red Bulbear
A Red Bulbear.

Occulus terribilis russus

A nocturnal species of Bulbear.

Green Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Green Bulbear
A Green Bulbear

Oculus terribilis viridius

What a Spotty Bulbear is to Dwarf Bulbears, this is to Spotty Bulbear.

Emperor Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Emperor Bulbear

Oculus imperatore

A slower, weaker Emperor Bulblax

Empress Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Empress Bulbear

Oculus terribilis matriarcha

A recolor of the Empress bulblax? I don't know.

Giga Bulbear[edit]

Main article: Giga Bulbear
A Giga Bulbear

Oculus terribilis supremus

A really, really, really big bulbear.

Orange Empress Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Orange Empress Bulblax
A Orange Empress Bulblax

Oculus matriarcha orangium

An empress bulblax, but it eats pikmin.


Main article: Sausageborb
A Sausageborb

Oculus poultus

A fat bulborb that burrows.

Ghastly Empress Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Ghastly Empress Bulblax
Ghastly Empress Bulblax

Oculus matriarcha deceasae

A dead empress Bulblax

Icey Dumple[edit]

Main article: Icey Dumple
An Icey Dumple

Ichthyosa arktikos

Water Dumple + ice trail = this

Toxic Dumple[edit]

Main article: Toxic Dumple
A Toxic Dumple

Ichthyosa toxicus

Water Dumple + poison trail = this

Magma Dumple[edit]

Main article: Magma Dumple
A Magma Dumple

Ichthyosa vulcanus

The Magma Dumple is a relative of the Water Dumple that developed tougher skin to suit normally intolerable conditions. It has a bright red shade, and usually hangs out around or within pools of boiling lava. Despite the fact that they can survive in lava, this is only because of their outer layer of skin. After they take a single hit, any surrounding magma will instantly burn through the beast.

Dino Dumple[edit]

Main article: Dino Dumple
A Dino Dumple

Ichthyosa Prehistoricus

A slower version of the Water Dumple that eats Pikmin at a faster rate.

Sky Dumple[edit]

Main article: Sky Dumple
A Sky Dumple

Ichthyosa divum

Sticky, harmless, flying dumples.

Darkfreeze Dumple[edit]

Main article: Darkfreeze Dumple

Ichthyosa atronos

Dumples able to freeze pikmin.

Penance Grub-dog[edit]

Main article: Penance Grub-dog

Oculus Penitentia

The ultimate grub-dog.

Galactic Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Galactic Bulblax

Oculus Giganticus

The ultimate grub-dog.

Titan Bulblax[edit]

Main article: Titan bulblax

Oculus titanicus

The ultimate grub-dog.This can be considered the toughest so far as the battle with this beast extends into 2 games,and caused olimar great injurys

Darkfreeze Dumple[edit]

Main article: Darkfreeze Dumple

Ichthyosa atronos

Dumples able to freeze pikmin.

Jungle Dumple[edit]

Main article: Jungle Dumple
A Jungle Dumple

Ichthyosa feralis

Acid shooting dumple with legs.

Mushroomy Bulborb[edit]

Main article: Mushroomy Bulborb
A Mushroomy Bulborb

Oculus Kageyamii Cursus

A Bulborb that was afflicted by Puffstool spores

Cheesecracker Bulborb[edit]

Oculus Kageyamii Cheecrackeriimus

Like the Cheesecracker Puffle, the Cheesecracker Bulborb is really fat. These Bullborbs are the size, and the health size of four Red Bullborbs.

Blaze Bulborb[edit]

Blaze Bulborb.PNG Oculus kayegamii infernus A rare bulborb only found in very hot places.

Sudoric Bulblax[edit]

Sudoric Bulblax.jpg

Oculus aestuosi

A Bulblax which has adapted to the threat of Pikmin by gaining the ability to use its sweat as a protective layer, Blue Pikmin and Bomb-Rocks are the only things that can affect this creature.