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Grey Pikmin (Clouded Skies)

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Grey Pikmins

Arachni cinis

pikmin family

Capitain Olimar's Research report- Grey Pikmin

The Grey Pikmin are quite a peculiar sub-species of pikmin. They possess, in addition to their normal arms and legs, four giant spider-like legs protruding form their abdomen. they also sport a spiky leaf upon their head. it progresses from a spike leaf to a thorny bud, to a thorny rose. Their legs appear to be nearly useless since they are always walking on their spider-like legs. such new limbs would suggest that this creature is very awkward in getting up off the ground or being flung into the air. this seems inaccurate, as the pikmin get up faster and it is not at all awkward to toss them. they instinctively know to curl up like a ball when being thrown. their feet appear to have tough calluses, which appear to be able to resist heat like hot sand. their decreased density allows them to travel over quicksand with ease. it proves that they are well suited for their harsh desert environment. These pikmin may also wade in some shallow waters due to the length of its new legs. The new strange leaf upon its head allows for increased damage in combat. the thorns tear into prey, leaving nasty scratches.

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