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Golden Bulbmin

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Doomed Time
This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Doomed Time, made by Pikness34, and help is accepted by other users.
Golden Bulbmin
Gold Bulbmin 0001.jpg
Scientific Name Parasiticus pikminicus Goldinium
Family Grub-dog
Areas Pdt:Landing site Day 30,Volampious Wild,The Unknown
Underground Areas Pdt:Cavern of Hero's,Riddle Hole,Doomed Hole
Carry Weight 25
Max. Carriers 50 Pikmin
Seed Worth 55 seeds
Value 100 Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin,Electrecutes pikmin
Bulbmin + Electricity

How to defeat[edit]


Keep dodging it's bites until it stops to rest,This your chance to attack it.Don't worry about the electricity it doesn't affect the captains due the Dream Material in Pikmin 2


Just use Yellows and attack as you would a regular Adult Bulbmin.But when it dies it comes back to life and goes Berzerk Run around avoiding it's highly dangerous bite.If pikmin are eaten in this state the bulbmin will regenerate its Health.It will calm down then throw Yellows like there is no tomorrow,It will finally die and its juvenile can be called.As it is completely Stupid to attack using Non-Yellow pikmin, people who do use Non-yellows will be IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED.


Juvinile Bulbmin

Nothing much but an Electric Bulbmin, but it's Juveniles are notoriously special. They can charge up and attack with an Electric Pulse, sending a message to enemies that they can defend themselves invulnerable to everything! These are very rare, and can join you above ground. The maximum you can have in the game is 50, due to the fact Golden bulbmin do not respawn back when defeated.


Olimar's Notes "This intriguing creature apparently is actually made of gold and the parasitic pikmin's stem is actually golden, suggesting that it is, in fact, a different species of parasitic pikmin than a Bulbmin. "

Louie's Notes "Dice up the whole beast, add sliced pikpik carrots, and cook for 1 hour,turn every 30 minutes. Cook one egg until it's done then add the egg with the Gold Bulb a' la mode'. Your guests will never forget the flavor experience! I will never forget the bruises Pikness34 gave me for cooking them all."

Pikness34's Notes "This creature is a very rare variety of Bulbmin. It is probable that it is a young Golden Bulborb that was taken over by a species of parasitic pikmin entirely separate from Bulbmin. This can be confirmed by dissection, however, attempts to do this have been fruitless as Louie has cooked most of our recovered specimens. "