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General Bulben

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Generalbulben1.png The Bulblaxian War
This article and/or image relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War, created by AlmightyCreeperLord. DO NOT edit this article and/or image if you do not have permission from AlmightyCreeperLord or are an admin

General Bulben is the main villain of Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War, and is the leader of the Council of Eight.

General Bulben
Scientific Name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Areas Unknown
Challenge Mode Levels Unknown
Carry Weight  ???
Seed Worth N\A
Attacks N\A


General Bulben looks like a slightly small, green bulborb with white spots. He has whiskers on his face that make it look like he has a white mustache.


General Bulben is the main villain in Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War, where he sets up the plot to trap Olimar and co. on the Pikmin Planet, defeat them, and then destroy the Pikmin, once and for all. He resides in a base located at the Forest Navel. He is the one who rallied various monsters into joining together to defeat Olimar, and set in motion the events that caused Olimar to crash at Base Camp.