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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Fragments" article for more canonical information.

Fragments are the Bridge pieces in Pikmin 3. Pikmin collect them by taking one Fragment to the bridge with the corresponding tile color, then return to the pile is, regardless whether there are more Fragments or not. In the Garden of Hope, there is a overturned plant pot made of Fragments that requires Blue Pikmin to complete. Captains can be thrown across it afterwards.

In Fanon-Games[edit]

Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs[edit]

Adorable Breadbug.png PAOTB
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Adorable Breadbug.png

Fragments reappear in Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs. Fragments are used to build Bridges as they were used in Pikmin 3. Bridges are used in the Land of Wonders, specifically the Marsh Territory and Arctic Territory. Bridges are used to cross bodies of water and cold water, respectively. As bridges are made of Fragments, enemies are unable to destroy them.