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Forum:What are some cheats for new play control pikmin?

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Forums: Index > Ask Louie > What are some cheats for new play control pikmin?

like lots of pikmin?

What do you mean, cheats? I'm ~PeanutBlu sig.png64~ And I Approve This Sandwich. their arn't really many cheats known except these that i copied off of cheat code central.

1.Save Pikmin from drowning

Repeatedly blow your whistle at Pikmin to drag them up onto land. To keep your Red or Yellow Pikmin from drowning, have Blue Pikmin by the border. Do not have them selected. If a Red or Yellow Pikmin falls in the water near your Blue Pikmin, they will go to the Pikmin and throw them on land. If your Yellow or Red Pikmin are drowning, quickly grab your Blue Pikmin and bring them into the water. Ungroup them and they will automatically toss the other Pikmin to safety. Note: You need to be near a ledge or the shore in order for this to work. If any of your Pikmin are drowning, quickly throw Blue Pikmin in the water near the distressed Pikmin. They will automatically throw them back onto land.

2.Learning about enemiesStart a new day, then take out a few Pikmin. Take them directly to the enemy, and start fighting. If you encounter anything on your way to the enemy, this trick will not work. As soon as you start the fight, pause game play and select "Go to Sunset." If there is nothing else special about this day, Olimar's log entry will describe the enemy. After the log entry, at the title screen, choose "Don't Save" and then "Continue From Last Save" to avoid wasting a day. This does not always work, for example if this day was also your first day in a new area, you discovered a new color of Pikmin, or something similar.

Start with 24 flower Pikmin

At the start of the first day at the Impact Site, notice that you will have no time at the top. Feel free to get all the Pikmin you can into the Onion and then just wait, or run Omar around and practice moves. Because there is no time limit, wait until all your Pikmin grow to the flower stage. This gives you 24 free flower Pikmin to start the game.

john says, "wooferwoof1 is good for your health!" 16:05, August 25, 2010 (UTC)