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Forum:Protect all the pages of the wiki...?

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Forums: Index > Onion Complex > Protect all the pages of the wiki...?

So as an anon on the Mario and Zelda wikis, I see that every single page is protected. Reason why it says so is because it says that you need to make an account to edit it. I think we should do that for both Pikipedia and Pikmin Fanon! Anyway, I'll put a nomination thingy below. (Make sure to give a reason to agree or disagree!) PikminFanatic23


People who make an account to edit here are more likely to be consistent with their edits. In other words, they won't just make random edits but will be more organized with what they create. Quality over quantity, I think that'd work best for everyone. Portal-Kombat*Sysop*

I definitely agree. Spam, vandalizing, etc. would be a lot easier to locate if it could only come from registered users. However, I think that a change in the coding of the entire wiki should be done as 2,000 articles is a lot to protect. Tanbulborb.pngI'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub dogs. (Sysop)